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Graphene Flagship Events

Upcoming Events

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16 May 2024

Standardisation Workshop

Advanced materials, such as nanomaterials, 2D materials, or thin films, play a crucial role in driving economic development and addressing major challenges in the coming years. These challenges include mitigating the impact of climate change, advancing lightweight engineering, enhancing catalysis, and improving medical applications. To comprehend the performance of these materials and ensure their acceptance across various sectors as safe and sustainable for both humans and the environment, the availability of reference procedures, materials, and data is essential. One versatile tool for establishing such references and evaluating the proficiency of individual laboratories and their competencies is through (international) interlaboratory comparisons (ILC). Notably, initiatives like the Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards (VAMAS) provide a platform for conducting ILCs. This webinar will showcase various examples of interlaboratory comparisons, illustrating their impact on the development of reference products.

Electronic circuit
9 September 2024

ESSERC 2024 “2D Materials: Challenges and Opportunities" Workshop

2D materials have triggered enormous interest over the past 15 years, thanks to their interesting electronic and optical properties, which have propelled them as viable candidates for replacing/complementing the good-old Silicon in future semiconductor technology nodes. Nevertheless, several tough challenges need to be addressed to take the opportunities ahead. In this workshop, we will give an account of a few relevant R&D areas, outlining key attention points in material growth, integration, and reliability, and we will sample applications domain opportunities, underlining the unique advantages of the 2D materials, which recommend them as prime contenders for continuing the physical/functional scaling, as well as for expanding into the applications space, for the years/decades to come.

Prague bridge
14-18 October 2024

Graphene Week 2024

The Graphene Week 2024 stands at the forefront of cutting-edge research, innovation, and technology. As Europe's leading and longest-running event on 2D Materials, supported by the European Commission, it unites over 500 international experts and students to discuss key topics concerning to graphene and 2DM. In 2024 the programme welcomes over 200 speakers, the Innovation Forum, the Exhibition and dedicated sessions on diversity, early career development, EC future opportunities, 2DM for the future and much more. Join us for the 19th edition of Graphene Week in Prague, let’s turn wonder into action!

The Graphene Flagship organises a variety of events for researchers, industry and early career researchers in order to inspire you to engage in better research, innovation and collaboration. The project is also represented at external tradeshows and exhibitions. 

Which events are right for you?

For Researchers

Our events for researchers include our annual conference Graphene Week, our workshops for early career researchers Graphene Study, our International Workshops which encourage collaborations with researchers in many other parts of the world, and our digital events.

For Industry

The Graphene Flagship organises several events for industry including the Graphene Marketplace events hosted by Graphene Flagship partners who wish to promote graphene applications in their companies and Innovation Workshops created to foster innovation projects between academia and industry.

In addition to our own industry events, the Graphene Flagship showcases graphene applications at industry tradeshows and exhibitions.

For Students

The Graphene Flagship promotes the education of early career researchers with its Graphene Study events.

Three women reading at the Graphene Week 2019

For Diversity

The Diversity in Graphene initiative aims to create a collaborative research environment where everybody feels welcome, without any prejudice. The initiative holds two annual meetings, a career day and a meeting at the Graphene Week conference.

Past Events

Electronics based on TMDCs
19 February 2024

Pioneering 2D Materials for Semiconductor Industry: Electronics based on TMDCs

This workshop, hosted by the Graphene Flagship's 2D-EPL and its partner AMO, will examine electronics based on transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs). This free hybrid event will take place in Aachen, Germany as part of the two-day event on 2D Materials for Future Electronics. Attendees are welcome to join in-person for the full two-day event, or online for the 2-hour digital 2D-EPL workshop.

2D-EPL wafer manufacturing tools
7 September 2023

2D-EPL Workshop @ Graphene Week 2023

A major challenge in using 2D-materials is linked to the impact of the environment on its properties. These effects are mitigated by careful material and process selection. The transition from lab–to–fab is enabled by setting up dedicated tools and processes. Gaining insights on the source of process variations and their impact on the variability of device parameters is key to making the right choices in the set-up of pilot-line processes.

6 September 2023

UAE International Workshop @ Graphene Week 2023

In this workshop, organised as part of the Graphene Week 2023 programme, attendees had the chance to learn about the ongoing research activities and real-world technology transfer applications in the United Arab Emirates, including spin-offs from the Graphene Flagship. The Research & Innovation Center for Graphene and 2D Materials, at Khalifa University, is very focused on the commercialization of research and addresses challenges from the region with innovations in construction, health care, aerospace, energy and water purification. Apart from presentations, this session provided opportunities to discuss topics of common interest, explore possible new collaborations, and a Q&A session.

Graphene Week Innovation Forum
5-6 September 2023

Graphene Innovation Forum @ Graphene Week 2023

Graphene Week 2023 inspired a fusion of graphene research and technology with industrial innovation – it is where science meets business! The Graphene Innovation Forum is a good spot to learn about the latest graphene innovations, spin-off company successes, and the future of the graphene industry.

Graphene Week 2023 will be held in Gothenburg Sweden
4-8 September 2023

Graphene Week 2023

Graphene Week 2023 - FROM WONDER TO ACTION - marks not only the Graphene Flagship’s 10-year anniversary celebration, but also the 400th birthday of Graphene Week 2023’s host city, Gothenburg – and celebrations of these two milestones coincided in Gothenburg, 4-8 September 2023.

EuroNanoForum 2023 will be held at Lund University in Sweden
11-13 June 2023

EuroNanoForum 2023

Every second year, Euronanoforum brings industry, academia, policy makers and other stakeholders together to discuss developments on nanotechnologies in an open forum. In 2023, the EuroNanoForum will be held in Sweden, 11-13 June. The Graphene Flagship will exhibit and contribute to the event's scientific programme.

University of Tokyo
25-26 May 2023

Japan-EU Workshop 2023

The 6th Japan-EU Workshop on Graphene and Related Materials was held in Tokyo (Japan) on 25-26 May 2023. This workshop was a forum for the exchange of experiences, practices and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with the fundamental materials synthesis, physics and devices for graphene and related 2D materials. During this event, major scientific achievements, most urgent open questions and newly identified challenges were addressed. Additional objectives included exploring further possibilities for collaborative research opportunities between researchers in Europe and Japan.

Seoul, Republic of Korea
22-23 May 2023

Korea-EU Workshop 2023

The 8th EU-Korea Workshop on Graphene and Related Materials will be held on 22 - 23 May 2023 in Seoul (Republic of Korea). This workshop is aimed at providing a Forum for the exchange of experiences, practices and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with the basic chemistry, physics and engineering approaches comprising materials synthesis, study of fundamental properties via multi-scale characterisation, application development and commercialisation for graphene and related 2D materials. In addition, the objective is to explore and promote further collaborative research opportunities between researchers in Europe and Korea.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Graphene Flagship international workshop
15-16 May 2023

UAE-EU 2023

This first United Arab Emirates - EU Graphene Flagship workshop, co-organised by the EU Graphene Flagship and Khalifa University, aimed at presenting the ongoing research activities on both sides and discussing possible international collaborations. The EU's Graphene Flagship delegation comprised key leaders in fundamental research, materials production and applications, including representations from EU industries. This two-day workshop provided the opportunity for researchers and industry stakeholders in Europe and United Arab Emirates to discuss topics of common interest, share research results with promising application potential and explore possible new collaborations and incubation of joint ventures.