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2D-Experimental Pilot Line

Establishing an ecosystem for integrated 2D materials in the semiconductor industry 

EU Funded

The 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL), a €20 million project launched in October 2020 to integrate 2D materials into silicon wafers, is the culmination of many of the Graphene Flagship’s efforts to bring graphene and related materials (GRMs) out of the lab and into commercial applications. With this project we address the industrialisation challenges of achieving reliable fabrication processes for high-volume production and establish a European ecosystem for prototype production of graphene and related materials (GRM) based electronics, photonics and sensors.

The project will cover the whole value chain including tool manufacturers, chemical and material providers and pilot lines, to secure progress in GRM integration and to be able to offer prototyping services to academics, SMEs and companies which can benefit from the progresses of GRM integration with silicon achieved within the 2D-EPL consortium.

Graphene integrated wafer for electronics, sensors or optoelectronics

2D-EPL services

Whether you have questions about how to become involved in the project, our upcoming multi-purpose wafer runs or engaging in tailor designed projects with our partners, this entry point is the place to engage with the 2D-EPL.

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