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Graphene Magazine


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Cover Image: Graphene Magazine 2020 cover

Graphene Magazine 2021

Read the latest edition of the Graphene Magazine to learn about the latest updates about the Graphene Flagship, see inside three graphene labs, dive into the possibilities of graphene cameras and batteries and get to know the people that make this incredible project work. 

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Previous Editions

Graphene Magazine 2020

Read the 2020 edition of the Graphene Magazine to learn about the Graphene Flagship, discover how graphene will shape the future and meet our aviation and space champions. 

Graphene for Healthcare

In this mini-magazine, we will look at several more key developments from Graphene Flagship scientists over the past year, and investigate how they might shape the future of healthcare.

Graphene Magazine 2019

Learn more about the Graphene Flagship's products, spin offs and Innovation initiatives in the 2019 edition of the Graphene Magazine.

Graphene Magazine 2018

Learn about the community around the Graphene Flagship in the 2018 edition of the Graphene Magazine, and don't miss the feature on graphene for space applications.