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Graphene Flagship Partners

The Graphene Flagship coordinates nearly 170 academic and industrial partners in 21 countries. Its core project has 165 partners and more than 90 associated members. The new 2D-Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL) project has 11 partners throughout Europe, many of whom are also part of the core project. View the full list of partners and associated members below.

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Partnering with the Graphene Flagship

The partnering mechanism within the Graphene Flagship allows the project to add new knowledge, competencies, ideas and resources throughout the project.

Learn about our partnering mechanism

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Core 3 Partners

The Graphene Flagship Core 3 project is made up of 19 work packages and 11 spearhead projects. The core project partners are universities, companies and research centres responsible for completing the tasks set to these groups. A full list of partners and their geographic locations can be found below.

2D-EPL Partners

2D-EPL partners are key European industrial players who are part of the new Graphene Flagship project 2D-Experimental Pilot Line, whose objective is to spearhead the introduction of graphene and related materials in semiconductors. 2D-EPL partners have leading roles at the forefront of Graphene Flagship research groups and many of them are also part of the core project.

Associated Members (AM)

Members of a Partnering Project that are not already members of the Core Project can become Associated Members of the Graphene Flagship. An organisation that is not part of a specific PP can also become an AM providing it comes with its own, publicly or privately funded, research activity contributing to the Graphene Flagship's roadmap and objectives. 

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Information for current members

Are you already part of the Graphene Flagship? Here is a list of resources that may come in handy. If you have not yet requested access to Harbour or Onboard, find the link in the footer to get started. 

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