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Useful information for Associated Members and Partnering Projects

This information is useful for organisations that are already associated members or partnering projects.
EU Funded

Harbour access: Harbour is the intranet space for AMs and PPs that features tools and access to relevant information. 

Calendar: Stay up to date on meetings and events organised by the Core Project by checking the Calendar available at Harbour.

Support grants available: Financial (travel) support is available for AMs and PPs to attend meetings or events organised by the Core Project or to perform short research visits in Core Project organisations. 

Communication and dissemination support: If you want to disseminate your research results, please, contact us at comms@graphene.cam.ac.uk. The news items will be produced by the communication team and disseminated via Graphene Flagship media channels.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): If you plan to engage in a deeper collaboration with Core Project partners, which requires exchange of confidential information, a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is typically required between parties that are involved in the exchange. The Core Project consortium agreement places some requirements on these NDAs, and a check list of issues that need to be regulated is available and can be provided to you. An NDA template is also available at Harbour. Please, contact us at graphene-eu@esf.org if you have any questions.

Joint publications reporting: A tool for reporting joint publications between AMs/PPs and Core Project members is available at Harbour here. Please, help us track them and better understand the collaborations and impact of the Graphene Flagship initiative.

Send us your queries and feedback: If you have any query or would like to provide us with your feedback on the association mechanism, the needs you may foresee for a better integration within the Flagship or suggestions, then please, fill in this questionnaire or contact us at graphene-eu@esf.org. Your input is of great importance to help us improve the association mechanism and set-up actions to address collaborations needs.