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Executive Board

EU Funded

The Executive Board (EB) is the steering group of the Consortium.

The EB proposes decisions and prepares the agenda of the General Assembly (GA). It consists of 17 members, of whom 13 are voting members and four are non-voting members. Additionally, when the agenda of the meeting foresees a topic requiring their expertise, additional members of the current SGA consortium will be invited to the meeting as non-voting members.

Voting members are the 10 members-at-large (who have non-operational tasks within the Project and are elected by the GA), the Graphene Flagship Director, the Science and Technology Officer and the Head of Innovation.

Non-voting members are the Graphene Flaghip Vice Director, the Heads of Administration and Dissemination, and the Secretary of the Executive Board.


Ken Teo, Aixtron Limited, United Kingdom.

Executive Board voting members

Annick Loiseau CNRS Academia ​Member at Large
Ken Teo Aixtron Industry ​Member at Large
Wolfgang Templ Alcatel-Lucent Industry ​Member at Large
Elmar Bonaccurso Airbus Defence and Space GmbH Industry ​Member at Large
Alberto Bianco CNRS Academia ​Member at Large
Mar Garcia-Hernandez ​CSIC ​Academia ​Member at Large
Maria Smolander ​VTT ​Institute ​Member at Large
Costas Galiotis ​FORTH ​Institute ​Member at Large
Amaia Zurutuza ​Graphenea ​Industry ​Member at Large
​Frank Koppens ​ICFO ​Institute ​Member at Large
​Jari Kinaret ​Chalmers University of Technology ​Academia ​Graphene Flagship Director
Andrea Ferrari Universtiy of Cambridge​ ​Academia ​Science and Technology Officer
​Kari Hjelt

Chalmers Industrial Technology​

​Institute ​Head of Innovation

Executive Board non-voting members

Patrik Johansson
​Chalmers University of Technology ​Academia ​Flagship Vice Director

Macarena Muñoz-Ruiz ​Chalmers University of Technology ​Academia ​Head of Administration
​Rebecca Waters ​Chalmers University of Technology ​Academia ​Head of Dissimination
​Ana-Maria Ciubotaru ​Fondation Européenne de la Science ​Institute ​Alignment Officer
​Max Lemme ​AMO ​Industry ​SAC Secretary
​Jackie Brown ​Chalmers University of Technology ​Academia Secretary of the EB