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Enter the Graphene Hub

The Graphene Hub will be open from 13 September to 30 September 2021. This isn’t just a regular conference that you have to plan your whole schedule around, and only attend for a short time. At Graphene Week 2021, you can join our events at your own convenience, picking and choosing which days to attend based on what suits you – so you can experience the aspects of Graphene Week that interest you most from anywhere in the world.

For example, you could drop in for some talks on a Tuesday, join a poster session on Wednesday morning, attend some talks in the afternoon, then meet the speakers in the networking lounge on Thursday. The possibilities are endless, and they all start with a simple click of your mouse!


Set up your Graphene Hub profile and jump right in. Connect with colleagues, meet new people and exchange business cards in our virtual networking lounge, and get ready for three weeks of exciting content in the realm of graphene.


Come and see the latest cutting-edge research in our interactive poster session, and ask questions to the speakers prior to their talks. In the auditorium, you can chat with the other delegates, and even meet the speakers afterwards! Everyone gets involved.


Get exclusive Graphene Flagship content on-demand. Read Graphene Magazine and the Annual Report, see graphene-based commercial products in the Product Gallery, discover our Spearhead Projects and the Experimental Pilot Line, and more – all in one place!


Join us and explore the Graphene Flagship on our digital walk-around tour. Find out about what really goes on inside the Graphene Flagship, and how we connect researchers around Europe to really make a difference.