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Graphene Innovation Forum

– from remarkable ideas to marketable products 

Graphene Innovation Forum

Part of Graphene Week 2022

Location: Business Center II, BMW Welt, Munich

7-8 September 2022

The Graphene Innovation Forum is focused on innovation and commercialization of applications containing GRMs. It is an opportunity to hear about successful implementation of graphene from both start-ups and larger corporations. The Graphene Flagship Spearhead projects will present their experiences of challenges and opportunities when introducing GRMs. Interactive panel discussions with industrial representatives will probe into future trends of graphene applications and the Graphene Flagship’s work in standardization to facilitate commercialization of GRMs will be presented. A group of investors will give their views on GRMs as an area worth financing. There will also be opportunities to network and discuss ideas with the presenters as well as fellow attendees.

Questions? Please contact Innovation@graphene-flagship.eu


Please see the preliminary agenda below.



Kari Hjelt, Chalmers Industriteknik


Industrialisation and quality in the production of graphene and related materials (GRM)

Chair: Kari Hjelt, Chalmers Industriteknik

14:45 - Challenges to the industrialization of GRMs - REACH, Market Sector Regulations and Government Policy, Stephen Hodge, Versarien

15:00 - Graphene from waste tires and its integration in automotive composites, Burcu Saner Okan, Nanografen

15:15 - Commercial and technical challenges for graphene industrialization, Bojan Haidar, Avanzare

15:30 - Industrial production of high quality 2D materials: challenges and prospective, Francesco Bonaccorso, BeDimensional 


Panel discussion – obstacles for 2D boom?

Moderator: Matthias Geistbeck, Airbus


Coffee & networking


GRM applications

Chair: Aleksandra Kempinska, Chalmers Industriteknik

17:05 - The Graphene Flagship and its Commitment to Standardisation, Thurid Gspann, KIT 

17:25 - GRMs enabled coherent Raman microscopy for cancer diagnosis, Matteo Negro, CRI

17:45 - maxAh, universal graphene production technology to evolve batteries' inside, Oleksandr Markevych, maxAh

18:05 - Maintenance-Free Circuit-Breakers for Smart Power Distribution Systems, Anna Andersson, ABB


Closing of Day 1

Kari Hjelt, Chalmers Industriteknik

18:45 18:45 - 20:00

Networking (drinks & snacks)


Keynote presentation by Kostya Novoselov

The keynote will be delivered in the Auditorium


Spearhead presentations

10:00 - Waferscale process development and benchmarking of grapheneenhanced infrared cameras for ADAS applications, Stijn Goossens, Qurv, Autovision

10:15 - Graphene-based thermoelectric ICE Protection System, towards a more versatile and easier to integrate heater mat technology, Fabien Dezitter, Airbus, GICE

10:30 - Graphene-based smart cabin air filtration, Philip Herberger, Lufthansa Technik, AEROGrAFT

10:45 - State of the art optical communication: the view on optoelectronic components, Fred Buchali, Nokia, METROGRAPH   


Coffee & networking


Spearhead presentations

11:30 - Synergy between graphene oxide and hollow fibers membranes for enhanced drinking water treatment, Letizia Bocchi, Medica, GRAPHIL

11:45 - Graphene Broadband Infrared Image Sensors, Tapani Ryhänen, Emberion, GBIRCAM

12:00 - The new frontiers of Perovskite/Silicon tandem photovoltaics: what's the future exploiting 2D materials? Antonio Agresti, Tor Vergata, GRAPES


Panel – Next steps for commercialisation?

Chair: Sofia Öiseth, Chalmers Industriteknik

  • Antonio Agresti, Tor Vergata, GRAPES
  • Fabien Dezitter, Airbus, GICE
  • Philip Herberger, Lufthansa Technik, AEROGrAFT
  • Fred Buchali, Nokia, METROGRAPH 
  • Letizia Bocchi, Medica, GRAPHIL
  • Tapani Ryhänen, Emberion, GBIRCAM
  • Stijn Goossens, Qurv, Autovision
  • Anna Andersson, ABB, CircuitBreakers


Thanks and closing of GIF

Kari Hjelt, Chalmers Industriteknik