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Diversity in Graphene during Graphene Week 2022

Panel discussion: When science meets society

Laura Howes – Science journalist for Chemical & Engineering News 
Patrick Howse Patrick Howse – Freelance journalist
Ursula Hohlneicher Dr Ursula Hohlneicher – AstraZeneca Executive Director of Compliance, and Graphene Flagship Ethics Advisory Board member 




September 7th, 14:30 - 15:30

Moderator of the session: Dr. Letizia Diamante

Have you ever wondered how science research becomes science news, and what impact your online presence can have on society? Media and social media are good platforms for promoting scientific findings, gaining visibility and inspiring the younger generation. At the same time, they can be used to spread fake news and escalate a crisis situation. This special diversity in graphene session offers a unique opportunity to discuss science in society with a science journalist, a news journalist and an expert in ethics compliance. This unmissable panel discussion combines topics at the frontline of science communications, diversity and ethics.  

Speakers bios 

Laura Howes – Science journalist for Chemical & Engineering News 

Laura Howes is science journalist for Chemical & Engineering News based in Heidelberg, Germany. Laura has over 15 years of experience in science communication and journalism and has also run training courses and events for scientists wanting to improve their communications skills. At C&EN, Laura mainly covers the more biological end of chemistry, but she also likes to pick up stories about weird molecules and unusual bonding arrangements. Laura has degrees in both chemistry and art history and in her spare time she can be found biking, hiking, skiing and beer brewing.  

Patrick Howse – Freelance journalist  

Patrick Howse is an English/Irish freelance journalist based in Munich. He worked for the BBC for 25 years as a reporter and producer. He covered wars and conflicts in the Middle East and Europe, and was the BBC’s Bureau Chief in Baghdad during the Iraq War. After a spell working as an instructor for war journalists, he now writes, translates and edits material for a wide range of international organisations and news outlets. He is also a published poet. 

Dr Ursula Hohlneicher – AstraZeneca Executive Director of Compliance, and Graphene Flagship Ethics Advisory Board member 

Ursula Hohlneicher has worked in senior compliance roles supporting R&D, Manufacturing & Operations, IT, and global strategic planning business units at AstraZeneca since 2011. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University in Cologne. In her current role as Executive Director Compliance, she is responsible for providing leadership and advice related to compliance to the business with a focus on compliance aspects related to interactions with Health Care Professionals and other 3rd parties as well as Bioethics, the use of digital media, risk assessment and different approaches for compliance training.  

Career Coaching 

Iris Kohler Iris Köhler 


One-to-one career coaching sessions 

Iris Köhler - Career coach, The Scientist Coach, Germany 

Since 2017, Köhler has been supporting young scientists in reflecting on their life and career goals, in identifying their competencies, and in taking the next career step with both a confident and relaxed attitude.