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Graphene Week Programme

Connect. Interact. Learn. Graphene Week 2021 provides a unique virtual experience, giving attendees fantastic networking opportunities, together with on-demand content including abstracts, videos, brochures and power point presentations. 

EU Funded

Join Europe's leading graphene event. Our one-of-a-kind programme covers different topics and themes, with a special focus on the exchange of ideas.

Sessions will be divided in different categories: research, innovation and inspiration. We hope you enjoy our selection of speakers and discussions!

Enjoy the #GrapheneExperience


13-19 September 

Get ready for Graphene Week 2021. Set your profile on our exclusive online platform and start planning your journey: flick through the abstracts, enjoy Graphene Magazine, and much more. Use this opportunity to start meeting new people. Our interactive platform offers much more than traditional zoom meetings – enabling conversations, discussions and networking. 


20-24 September

Discover a unique online event. Graphene Week is the leading graphene event in Europe. PhD students, early-career researchers, experts and innovators gather and exchange ideas that shape the future of graphene and layered materials. Our innovative online platform enhances networking and collaboration, to guarantee you make the most of your participation


25-30 September

For the first time ever, enjoy the #GrapheneExperience on-demand. Most content will be available on our online platform, you may adapt and attend the different sessions whenever works for you. You'll also have a chance to export all your new contacts and business leads. Participants will have access to the full participant list, information from the Q&A sessios, as well as links to past webinars organised by the Graphene Flagship. 

A new way to interact

The scientific programme of the Graphene Week is based on excellence, with a scope featuring the latest knowledge in main research areas of graphene. At its 15th edition, we have designed different virtual sessions with you in mind. Whether you're a student, an early-career researchers, an academic or an innovator, you'll enjoy gathering and exchanging ideas that will shape the future of graphene and layered materials. Our Graphene Week sessions will foster fruitful interactions, constructive discussions and strong connections – a revolutionary experience!

Our inspirational themes


The research that will shape the future

Graphene Week 2021 will feature outstanding and groundbreaking research on graphene and two-dimensional materials, as well as map out upcoming trends and challenges. Over three exclusive days focused on this topic, six keynote speakers and dozens of invited speakers will join hundreds of participants to cover the latest research and challenges in the field. We implemented new presentation formats to increase the visibility of your oral and poster presentations. These sessions will foster fruitful interactions, constructive discussions and strong connections – a revolutionary experience! Moreover, most content will be available on-demand, feel free to attend the different sessions whenever works for you.


Enable the next generation of technology

We all thrive to bring graphene to the market. So, Graphene Week will highlight our commitment to innovation with a dedicated industry day focused towards innovation and commercialisation graphene-enabled products. Join us to hear about the successful implementation of graphene by exciting start-up companies. Mature businesses will give their view on challenges and opportunities, and interactive panel discussions with industrial representatives will probe into future trends of graphene applications. It's a fantastic opportunity to network and meet key industry players!  In addition, the Graphene Week Industry Day will include over two hours of exclusive content from our exhibitors – all key players in the graphene industry. Make connections that matter.


Advancing the research and development

Teamwork is fundamental in science. That is why we have created a unique online venue that offers much more than a Zoom meeting – enabling conversations, discussions and networking. Since its foundation, Graphene Week has organised collaborative sessions with several Graphene Flagship partners and allies – and this will remain in 2021. We will host dedicated events with leading industries, the European Science Foundation, our new EU-funded project the 2D-Experimental Pilot Line, and much more! Stay tuned to receive all the updates on our unique programme and register now to live the digital #GrapheneExperience.


Transformation and dialogue in the light of two-dimensional materials

This year, we go beyond research, innovation and collaboration. The Graphene Week Inspiration Day is one of the most important events organised by the Graphene Flagship. It aspires to be one of the most society-aligned events that interactively connects and inspires the graphene community in an ever-changing world. The agenda will feature a day full of inspirational sessions, to discuss trending topics that really matter. Among other things, we will dive into the potential of graphene and layered materials to drive the new economy towards a more sustainable future, we will address the importance of ethics in science, and discuss how diversity and inclusion favour a more productive and insightful environment.

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Discover our exciting conference topics!


  • Electrical properties and phenomena
  • Optics and plasmonics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Physics, mechanics and magnetism
  • Spintronics
  • Surface chemistry

Growth and Processing

  • Device processing and process scale-up
  • Exfoliation related methods
  • Functionalisation
  • Production, innovation and industrialisation
  • Synthesis and growth


  • Biomedical applications
  • Composites
  • Electronics
  • Energy harvesting, conversion and storage
  • Environment, safety and sustainability
  • Membranes, nanofluidics & filters
  • Paints, foams, and coatings
  • Photonics and optoelectronics
  • Sensors