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ESSERC 2024 Workshop

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Bruges, Belgium
9 September 2024
  • Bruges, Belgium
  • 9 September 2024

"2D Materials: Challenges and Opportunities"

2D materials have triggered enormous interest over the past 15 years, thanks to their interesting electronic and optical properties, which have propelled them as viable candidates for replacing/complementing the good-old Silicon in future semiconductor technology nodes. Nevertheless, several tough challenges need to be addressed to take the opportunities ahead. In this workshop, we will give an account of a few relevant R&D areas, outlining key attention points in material growth, integration, and reliability, and we will sample applications domain opportunities, underlining the unique advantages of the 2D materials, which recommend them as prime contenders for continuing the physical/functional scaling, as well as for expanding into the applications space, for the years/decades to come.

Workshop Speakers

09:30 09:30 - 13:00

2D-EPL Project Highlights

Inge Asselbergh (imec)

Advances on 2D Materials Growth

Benjamin Groven (imec)

2D Materials: Modeling and Reliability Challenges

Tibor Grasser (TU Wien)

Future Logic Devices Based on 2D Materials

Chelsey Dorow (Intel)

2D Materials-enabled Neuromorphic Computing Devices and Systems

Mario Lanza (KAUST)

Optoelectronic Applications with 2D Materials

Stephan Sockow (AMO)