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EU-Japan Workshop 2017

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Barcelona, Spain
06-08 May, 2017
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 06-08 May, 2017

2nd EU-Japan Workshop on graphene and 2D related materials

The second Graphene Flagship EU–Japan Workshop was held at the Casa Convalescència, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Campus in Barcelona (Spain), during 6 - 8 May 2017. Co-organised by the Graphene Flagship and the Japanese Science and Technology Agency (JST), CREST and Science of Atomic Layers (SATL) project, the workshop focused on material production and device fabrication, and exploration of electronic, photonics, and spintronics in novel structures.

Workshop and programme chairs


Prof. Toshiaki Enoki


Prof. Yoshihiro Iwasa


Dr. Seiichiro Kawamura


Prof. Jari Kinaret


Dr. Atsushi Kurobe


Prof. Alberto Morpurgo


Prof. Taiichi Otsuji


Prof. Stephan Roche


Prof. Riichiro Saito


  • Annick Loiseau, LEM,CNRS-ONERA, France
  • Irina Grigorieva, University of Manchester, UK
  • Christoph Stampfer, RWTH, Aachen, Germany
  • Francesco Mauri, La Sapienza,Italy
  • Ermin Malic, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Paco Guinea, IMDEA, Spain
  • Frank Koppens, ICFO, Spain
  • Sergio Valenzuela, ICN2, Spain
  • Andreas Kis, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Alessandro Tredicucci, CNR, Italy
  • Takashi Taniguchi, NIMS, h-BN, Japan
  • Hiroki Ago, Kyushu University, Japan
  • Taishi Takenobu, Nagoya University, Japan
  • Yoshihiro Iwasa, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • M. S. Bahramy, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Tsutomu Nojima, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Michihisa Yamamoto, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Shuji Hasegawa, Tokyo, Japan
  • Hideo Aoki, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Masashi Shirashi, Kyoto, Japan
  • Taiichi Otsuji, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Tomoki Machida, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Riichiro Saito,Tohoku University, Japan


The workshop provided the opportunity for Japanese and European researchers to discuss and exchange on the progress in the areas of graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials(GRM), fundamental physical phenomena, and devices. The aim was to facilitate scientific exchanges and identify needs and mechanisms for future collaborations. This was a follow-up to the first Japan-EU Workshop held in Tokyo, Japan from 31 October to –2 November 2015.

The workshop broadly covered the following areas:

  • Graphene and related 2D materials with emphasis on materials synthesis and characterisation with special focus on Boron Nitride (BN) and Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs)
  • Study of fundamental physical properties of graphene/2D related (GRM) materials and heterostructures including 2D superconductivity, topological and transport properties, spin –and valley-tronics.
  • Terahertz(THz), plasmonic and optoelectronic devices based on GRMincluding detectors, emitters, modulators and sensors.

The programme featured 23 scientific presentations that showcased the breadth of activities and topics covered by the respective research groups in the field of 2D materials synthesis, characterisation, properties, and devices, each followed by questions and discussions.