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First 2D-EPL MPW run: Key specifications for graphene-based devices

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2 June 2022
  • Online
  • 2 June 2022

Europractice & 2D EPL Webinar Series III

Register for FREE today for the third and final installment of the Europractice & 2D EPL Webinar Series on 2 June, 16:00 CEST. This technical webinar is expected to last 60 minutes including Q&A, and will feature an informative presentation from Miika Soikkeli, VTT.

Devices based on graphene have attracted a lot of attention due to the extraordinary electronic, optical and sensing properties of graphene and consequently its effect on the device performance. The fabrication on large scale and thus the availability and the introduction into the market remains challenging.

With the aim to develop critical tools and materials and make 2D materials compatible to the standards in industry, the European project “2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL)” tries to establish a route for 2D material integration on large scale. In the framework of this project, several multi-project wafer (MPW) runs are provided where interested participants can include their designs as dies on joint wafers. They are based on the current available technology and have different target applications. The first run is mainly intended for graphene sensors and will be offered by AMO GmbH.

In this webinar, an overview of the general process steps for graphene-based devices is given together with some application examples. Furthermore, the offered baseline process and general details for this MPW run are presented.



Miika Soikkeli