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Graphene: applications and market status June 2022

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Tuesday 21 June
  • Online
  • Tuesday 21 June

Innovation Webinar

The latest digital Innovation Webinar will take place on Tuesday 21 June, 14:00-14:40 CEST. Join us to examine the journey of the graphene market, from hype to valley to enlightenment, discover graphene applications in 2022, and find out more about Graphene-Info and Metalgrass LTD.

Preliminary agenda:

  • Graphene market - hype to valley to enlightenment
  • Graphene market in 2022: A quick snapshot
  • Graphene applications in 2022
  • About Graphene-Info and Metalgrass LTD

Stay tuned for the full agenda coming soon!


CEO, Metalgrass and Graphene-Info editor

Ron Mertens

Ron Mertens is the CEO of Metalgrass and editor at Graphene-Info.com, a knowledge hub focused on the graphene industry since 2009 which is a part of the Metalgrass content network. Ron has been following the graphene industry for many years, and is the co-author of several graphene industry books and reports.