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Graphene Flagship at IEEE FLEPS 2024

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Tampere, Finland
June 30‑July 03 2024
  • Tampere, Finland
  • June 30‑July 03 2024

ARMS and GRAPHERGIA will co-host a workshop alongside two other EU-funded projects during the IEEE FLEPS 2024

ARMS, GRAPHERGIA, SOLiD and SUPERIOT will hold the joint workshop "Synergizing Sustainability: Integrating Advanced Energy Storage with Harvesting for Wearable Electronics" on June 30 from 14:00 to 17:00. This workshop will delve into the forefront of energy-autonomous self-powered wearable electronic devices, focusing on the dynamic interaction between energy harvesting systems and transformative energy storage solutions, specifically batteries and supercapacitors.

Inspired by four EU-funded endeavors – ‘GRAPHERGIA’, 'SUPERIOT', 'SOLiD', and 'ARMS' - this workshop aims to offer a comprehensive examination of sustainable technologies.

‘GRAPHERGIA’ innovates graphene-based materials use in energy storage tech, like smart textiles and Li-ion batteries, via laser-made graphene. 'SUPERIOT' introduces a versatile Internet of Things (IoT) system with dual-mode optical and radio communications, utilizing printed electronics. 'SOLiD' contributes to the discourse by exploring enhanced energy density batteries through the R2R process and advanced cathode materials, solid polymer electrolytes, and conducting additives. Meanwhile, 'ARMS' focuses on enhancing supercapacitor energy density through innovative materials and fabrication techniques such as ALD, adding depth to the discussion.

The workshop will stress the integration of energy storage systems with energy harvesting solutions, particularly highlighting the relevance of the Graphene flagship to the ‘GRAPHERGIA’ and 'ARMS' projects, which employ 2D materials in supercapacitor and battery development. By convening experts and enthusiasts in the field, the workshop aims to cultivate collaborative discussion and envision the future of wearable electronics, emphasizing the critical role of sustainable energy solutions.

For more information, please contact innovation [at] graphene-flagship.eu