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Materials Week 2024

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Limassol, Cyprus
17-21 June 2024
  • Limassol, Cyprus
  • 17-21 June 2024

Graphene Flagship at Materials Week 2024

Materials Week 2024 aims to bring together – for the first time – the numerous small and large Research and Innovation (R&I) communities that are driving advances in materials innovation manifested across diverse value chains and industrial markets. The Graphene Flagship is responsible for the session on Sustainability & Circularity driven by Advanced Materials. You can also find us in the following training courses: "How to expand the use of your test method? – Validation is key towards standardisation" and "Standardisation needs for regulatory testing of graphene and related 2D materials".

This Session is focused on the contributions that materials R&I can make to improving the sustainability and circularity of products and processes containing or involving materials. The relevant improvement of sustainability and/or circularity may pertain to the functionality of a material (e.g. enhanced durability, energy efficiency) or of the product or process containing the material. Use of materials in delivery of the SDGs is also targeted.

For more information, please contact innovation [at] graphene-flagship.eu