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Graphene Study 2019

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Obergurgl, Austria
03 - 08 February
  • Obergurgl, Austria
  • 03 - 08 February

Graphene Study 2019

The Graphene Flagship organizes Graphene Study to educate students and early career researchers interested in graphene and its applications. Graphene Study 2019 will covered fundamental science and material synthesis for graphene, 2 dimensional materials (2DM), their heterostructures, and 2DM applications for electronics, spintronics and optoelectronics.


The University of Manchester

Vladimir Falko


  • Andre GeimThe University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Thomas MuellerTechnical University of Wien, Austria
  • Xiang ZhangUniversity of California, Berkeley , United States
  • Tobias KornUniversity of Regensburg, Germany
  • Joan RedwingPenn State, United States
  • Annick LoiseauCNRS, France
  • Gianluca FioriPisa University, Italy
  • Alexander TartakovskiiThe University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Wang YaoHong Kong University, Hong Kong
  • Miriam VitielloCNR NANO, Italy
  • Roland KawakamiThe Ohio State University, United States
  • Christoph StampferRWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Camilla ColettiIIT, Italy
  • Jurgen SmetMax Planck Institute, Germany
  • Mar García HernandezCSIC, Spain
  • Joshua CaldwellVanderbilt University, United Kingdom

Graphene Week 2019

Participants at the Graphene Flagship 2019
Poster session at the Graphene Week 2019
Lecture at the Graphene Study 2019
Poster session at the Graphene Week 2019