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Graphene Week 2017

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Athens, Greece
25-29 September 2017
  • Athens, Greece
  • 25-29 September 2017

Europe's leading graphene conference

Graphene Week 2017, was held on 25-29 September, saw over 550 delegates from 39 countries immerse themselves in the world of graphene and related materials. Graphene Week 2017 was jointly organised by the Graphene Flagship and its partner FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas) and held in the Greek city of Athens.

Keynote speakers

University of Manchester, UK

Konstantin Novoselov

ICN2, Spain

Jose Garrido

University of Cambridge, UK

Andrea Ferrari

Berkeley, US

Michael Crommie

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Antonio Castro-Neto

Invited Speakers

  1. Thomas Skordas, Director for Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure, European Commission
  2. Costas Fotakis, Greek Minister for Research & Innovation
  3. Vincenzo Palermo, Vice-Director of the Graphene Flagship
  4. Kim Sang Ouk, KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
  5. Harold Zandvliet, University of Twente
  6. Jong-Hyun Ahn, Yonsei University
  7. Rahul Raveendran-Nair, The University of Manchester
  8. Marcos Pimenta, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
  9. Helene Bouchiat, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides Orsay
  10. Jeanie Lau, University of Riverside
  11. Rudolf Bratschitsch, University of Münster
  12. Heejun Yang, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
  13. Rainer Hillenbrand, CIC nanoGUNE
  14. Maurizio Prato, University of Trieste
  15. Irina Grigorieva, The University of Manchester
  16. Anna Andersson, ABB
  17. Paolo Bondavalli, Thales
  18. Jonathan Coleman, Trinity College Dublin
  19. Marco Molina, Leonardo
  20. Grzegorz Lupina, IHP
  21. Ian Kinloch, The University of Manchester
  22. Gerasimos Konstantatos, ICFO - Institute of Photonic Sciences
  23. Yuhei Hayamizu, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  24. Yeliang Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  25. Yoshi Iwasa, University of Tokyo
  26. Annick Loiseau, National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  27. Camilla Coletti, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  28. Francesco Bonaccorso, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  29. Annalisa Fasolino, Radboud University
  30. Thomas Müller, TU Wien

Programme highlights

The conference programme included 6 keynote speakers and around 40 invited contributions, 143 oral and over 270 poster presentations. Each morning was devoted to a single session of keynote talks on topics ranging from fundamental science through to the applied field of biomedical research, all focused on graphene and related materials. In the four parallel sessions, over 140 speakers gave talks on all aspects of the science and technology of graphene and related materials. In addition to that, there were four fringe sessions, the Women-in-Graphene meeting and the Graphene Connect activity. 

Graphene Week Gallery

Konstantin Novoselov at the Graphene Week 2017
Michael Crommie at the Graphene Week 2017
Speaker at the Graphene Week 2017
Poster session at the Graphene Week 2017