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Innovation Webinar: November

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11 November 2021
  • Virtual
  • 11 November 2021

Graphene-enabled Coherent Raman Microscopy for live-cell imaging and tumour diagnosis

Ultra-broadband absorption properties of graphene have enabled a wide number of possibilities in the fields of lasers and photonics. Here we'll present a patented turn-key, dual-wavelength synchronised fibre laser solution exploiting graphene as a broadband saturable absorber to be implemented in a coherent Raman microscopy platform for live cell-imaging and tissue analysis.

Such technology is being developed by Cambridge Raman Imaging (CRI) Ltd., a spin-out of the University of Cambridge and Politecnico di Milano, with the mission to bring to market innovative chemometric imaging platforms for the study of living cells and the identification of tumours and other diseases in the clinical practice. CRI's instruments will provide clinicians with a unique tool to objectively analyse tumours and effectively tailor treatments, with the ultimate goal of making personalised medicine widely accessible to all patients.

workshop speaker Matteo Negro


Matteo Negro is Chief Technology Officer and Director at Cambridge Raman Imaging Ltd. Negro’s previous role was as Laser R&D manager for Bios, an Italian company wholly owned by Lumenis, a global leader in medical lasers. He is an expert in laser development whilst meeting the demanding requirements of ISO 13485 for medical devices, having excellent experience of R&D, including managing the development of laser systems which gained Class IIb medical approval. Negro has a PhD in Physics from Politecnico di Milano on Ultrafast laser sources and spectroscopy and has previously worked as a Staff Researcher at the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies of the Italian National Research Council (CNR-IFN).

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While the 2D materials community celebrates 20 years since the isolation of graphene, IOP Publishing’s 2D Materials journal celebrates its 10-year anniversary. The journal will mark this occasion with a special contribution to the Graphene Week 2024 conference to be held in Prague, Czech Republic. Join the “Publication and peer review” workshop providing instruction for PhD students and early career researchers on how to make it as an author and a reviewer in journals. IOPP will also organise a focus issue in 2D Materials based on Graphene Week 2024 with contributions from speakers. Authors are welcome to contribute an original research paper, topical review or perspective. The focus issue will be showcased on a dedicated webpage and promoted extensively to the community.

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