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Mobile World Congress 2019

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Barcelona, Spain
25-28 February, 2019
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • 25-28 February, 2019

MWC Barcelona 2019: Trade show

Now in its fourth year, the Graphene Pavilion, curated by the Graphene Flagship Innovation Team, and supported by the European Commission and the GSMA, allowed visitors at Mobile World Congress to explore three different zones focused on the ‘phone of the future’, ‘wearables of the future’ and ‘homes of the future’, which provided an opportunity to see the latest prototypes that are transforming the communication industry.

Featured Technologies

Visitors at Mobile World Congress 2019 saw a large number of technologies showcased. These included graphene modulators that increase internet speeds while reducing costs and the energy consumption, new wearables that monitor vital signs or help improve posture, and graphene paints and inks, which can reduce smog or allow people to produce conductive circuits in any place and any surface.

  • Nanene® Enhanced Audio Earphones – Versarien
  • Broadband Image Sensor: Seeing Beyond the Human Eye – ICFO
  • Compact Spectrometer: Lab in a Pocket – ICFO
  • Graphene Enhanced Batteries – Cambridge Graphene Center, University of Cambridge
  • Flexible WiFi Receiver – AMO, RTWH Aachen
  • Graphene Modulator – CNIT, Ericsson, Nokia-Bell Labs, Nokia, IIT
  • Graphene Based NFC Devices for Domotics: Electronic Keys – CNR
  • Electrically Conductive Graphene Concrete – Italcementi
  • Graphene Solar Power for Sustainable Energy – IIT, University of Rome Tor Vergata, TEI Crete
  • Graphene Supercapacitors – IIT, Thales, BeDimensional
  • Graphene Loudspeakers – IIT and Università la Sapienza
  • Flagship Homeward Bound Boardgame – Novalia, UCAM
  • Graphene Air Sniffer: Electronic Nose for Air Pollution – University of Tartu
  • Electroluminescent Gas Detector – ICN2
  • Pressure Sensor for Presence Detection – TU Delft, ANL Applied Nanolayers
  • Magnetic Field Sensors – AMO, RWTH Aachen
  • The Future of Connectivity – CNIT, Ericsson, IMEC, Nokia, Nokia Bell Labs, AMO, ICFO, UCAM
  • Graphene Pressure Sensing Insole – Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge
  • Touch Interface T-Shirt – VTT
  • Flexible Graphene Supercapacitors
  • Graphene UV Sensor Patch: Wearable, Real-Time UV Sensing for Smart Skin Protection – ICFO
  • Transdermal Fitness Tracking Patch: Accurate Self-Tracking of Multiple Vital Signs in a Single Device – ICFO
  • Transparent Flexible Force-Touch Human Machine Interface – Atomic Mechanics
  • Brain-Machine Interfaces: A New Generation of Biomedical Devices – ICN2, IMB-CNM CSIC, BIST, CIBERBBN
  • Creating Quality Graphene: Large Scale Production of Graphene – Graphenea
  • From Atoms to Tons: Scaling Up the Production of Graphene – Talga
  • Graphite Core Sample – Talga
  • Industrial Processes for Graphene Applications: Spray Deposition Enabling Graphene for Energy Storage – M-Solv/Thales
  • Printed Possibilities of Graphene: Graphene Inks – GrapheneTech

Photo Gallery

Graphene Flagship Business Developer Antonios Oikonomou and Work Package Leader Frank Koppens in the Graphene Flagship Pavilion at MWC2019
Jari Kinaret and
Jari Kinaret and