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Glass display at Mobile World Conference 2019
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On the horizon: Our new Spearhead Projects

The Graphene Flagship funds a number of Spearhead Projects, initiatives with well-defined, application-oriented objectives that are motivated by market opportunities. These Spearheads focus on a wide range of application areas, but all have the common goal of developing new or improved products with integrated graphene or layered materials.

By Graphene Flagship / 20 May 2020
Scientist working in a laboratory
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Graphene Reaches the Market...Secretly

It is a two-dimensional material that has promised almost magical applications. Almost ten years after its ‘parents’ won a Nobel Prize, its most mundane applications are coming to market. Although the products are not revolutionary, many companies that use graphene do so with a secrecy that stands out against the marketing of others. (Picture. Graphenea)

By Sergio Ferrer / 29 May 2019