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Join the Graphene Flagship Core 3 Project

The Graphene Flagship is looking for new partners to bring specific industrial and technology transfer competences or capabilities that complement the present consortium in the next core project. 

We are seeking partners with the following expertise:

  • MRAM tools developer to leverage solutions for GRM-spintronic stacks

  • Exposure and risk assessment of GRMs for occupational health

  • Clinical translation of GRM-based therapeutic medical devices for the central nervous system

  • Component manufacturer for GRM-based networking devices and interconnects 

  • Developer of GRM-based laser systems and instrumentation for coherent Raman imaging

  • Manufacturing and modification of GRM-based fibres, yarns and textiles

  • Automotive company with expertise in development of fuel cells for cars

  • Industrial GRM-based supercapacitors manufacturer

  • Manufacturer of GRM-based anticorrosion coatings

  • Developer of GRM-based pressure sensors for health monitoring in automotive applications

  • Manufacturer to deliver a ready-to-reach-the-market sports car with enhanced functionalities based on GRM/Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer composites

  • GRM-based composites manufacturer

  • Preparation of large GRM-based multifunctional pipes by filament winding

  • Formulation of low viscosity epoxy resins incorporating GRMs for aerostructures manufactured by infusion technologies

The selected new partners will be incorporated in the scientific and technological Work Packages of the third Core Project under the Horizon 2020 phase of the Graphene Flagship that will run during 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2023. The addition of new partners to the Graphene Flagship consortium is subject to the approval of the required contract amendment by the Graphene Flagship General Assembly and, at a later stage, the European Commission.