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2D-EPL Industrial Advisory Board

The 2D-EPL benefits from the insights of industry experts who form its advisory board.
European map

The 2D-EPL's Industrial Advisory Board provides valuable industry insights to the project. It is comprised of the following individuals from influential European companies:

Stefan Ernst, XFAB, Germany

Rainer Minixhofer, AMS, Austria

Frans Widdershoven, NXP, Netherlands

Fabian Streb, Infineon Technologies, Germany

Sabrina Conoci, STMicroelectronics, Switzerland

Wolfgang Templ, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Germany

Tapani Ryhänen, Emberion, Finland

Kari Hjelt, Chalmers Industriteknik, Sweden

Stijn Goosens, Qurv Technologies

Ralf Kühnhold, ELMOS