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EU Funded

At this time the most sought-after GRM-based applications are not yet well defined, the 2D-EPL partners will offer two different kinds of integration services with a different cost and structure:

  • Five Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs with a specific application scope will be organised during the funding window of the 2D-EPL. In these MPW runs, the processing scheme will be defined through process design kits and the customer will be able to share the cost of the processing. In these MPW runs there will be limited or no flexibility in the process integration. Universities, research institutes and companies will be able to include their designs based as dies on joint wafers. The completed devices will be delivered as diced chips, wafer parts or wafers, and the pricing will be based on the area of the design.
  • The pilot line sites are also open to tailor-designed 2D integrations for specific customer applications which can benefit from the progress and generic learning which is acquired in pillar 2. This offering will always go through an intake discussion with the specific process site.

2D-EPL services

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