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Tailor designed integrations

EU Funded

The different processing sites of the 2D-EPL will also offer dedicated processing services for the customers which have specific requests which do not fit in the MPW portfolio. The tailor integrated services will of course benefit from the generic progress in GRM integration gathered by the consortium partners and which is secured through the 2D-EPL funding.

Since the capacity of the MPW runs is limited, it might be that not all the customers who expressed their interest in participating in the specific MPW run can be served through this run. The different projects will be ranked according to evaluation criteria which will be assessed by the technical leads of the 2D-EPL. Therefore, the customer will be asked to provide a completed application form containing:

  • The end-user contact information.
  • The requested service from the 2D-EPL.
  • General description of the intended application and its end use.

Information about our three processing sites' tailor designed integration services coming soon!