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SafeGraph Spearhead Project

Assessing graphene’s safety for applications in aerospace, water treatment, wearables and sensors.

SafeGraph Industrial Leader

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TEMASOL, Switzerland

SafeGraph Leaders

Leader: James Baker, TEMAS Solutions, Switzerland
Deputy: Peter Wick, EMPA, Switzerland

SafeGraph: A new regulatory pathway for graphene

Bringing any product to market requires regulation and legislation. But for new materials, like graphene, this authorisation pathway does not exist — yet. Without it, some highly beneficial and marketable graphene products may struggle to reach mass production. The SafeGraph Spearhead Project, announced by the Graphene Flagship, is set to formulate a clear pathway to market, meaning a more predictable and accessible route for the other graphene-related projects.

The goal of SafeGraph is to bring safe graphene-based products to market, based on regulatory compliance and standard practices. Regulatory consultancy companies Temas and Empa, both based in Switzerland, are joining forces to make graphene's pathway to commercial application easier.

The main output of SafeGraph will be a regulatory strategy and market authorization pathway which, coupled to an occupational, consumer and environmental risk assessment will support the projects to reach the market, paving the way for future products.

This project will address the regulatory needs in the current market covering medical devices, food-contact materials, aerospace materials and wearable devices.

Four Spearhead Projects have been selected by SafeGraph, which have high impact on the quality of life of users. The SafeGraph initiative will use these projects as case-examples, to formulate regulatory compliance, so that future products reach the market in a safe, cost efficient and timely manner.

The spearhead projects that will be supported by SafeGraph are:

  • ChemSens (Core 2): focusing on the development of sensors to be applied on skin with intended medical application.
  • Weargraph (Core 2): focusing on development of wearable energy generators, which is highly relevant since there is no consumer-related specific regulation in place for this kind of product.
  • GRAPHIL (Core 3): focusing on developing point of use drinking water filters, which is set to have a very high impact on sustainability of water resources, environmental sustainability, and quality of life of users due to a decrease of water-borne diseases.
  • GICE (Core 3): developing simpler, lighter, and better performing aircrafts operating systems with graphene-based ice protection systems, enabling safer and environmentally friendlier aircrafts.

With clearer regulation thanks to SafeGraph these four projects are set for mass production and safe industrial application.