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  • By: Graphene Flagship
  • Graphene Flagship
  • Publishing date: 04 January 2023
  • By: Graphene Flagship
  • Graphene Flagship
  • Publishing date: 04 January 2023

Tour the Graphene Pavilion

Welcome to the Graphene Pavilion. Ali Shaygan Nia, business developer for the Graphene Flagship will be your tour guide.

At Graphene Week 2022, the Graphene Flagship kicked off its ten-year anniversary celebration. To commemorate the research and innovation progress made by the project over the past decade, we showcased some of our results in a pavilion that will travel to various locations around Europe over the next year. Here's a sneak peak:

Catch the pavilion next at the JEC World composites show in Paris on 25-27 April 2023.

Full video transcript:

“Today I want to talk about graphene, the wonder material of the last decade. Graphene is a two dimensional material based on carbon atoms and it is produced from graphite. If you imagine that this is graphite consisting of different layers of the graphene. When we remove one of these layers, we produce graphene.

“This graphene, which you can see here, has many special properties, like it has a high electrical and thermal conductivity and high mechanical properties. Another wonderful property of these materials is that when we put two layers of graphene together and change the angle of these two layers, it can produce new properties like superconductivity.

“Today is the ten-year anniversary of the Graphene Flagship, and due to these wonderful properties which I explained, we have developed different products and prototypes within the Graphene Flagship. For example, we have developed different products for the car industries. We have developed batteries for future e-mobility based on graphene. We have developed lubricants based on graphene for the automotive industry.

“We have also developed different products for aerospace and airplanes. For example, you can see here one of the lightweight graphene-based composites for airplanes. We have also developed a smart air filtration filter for the airplane cabin, which can produce a very nice environment for the cabin of the airplane.

“Another important application which we have developed in the Graphene Flagship is the portable water purification system. It can produce water with high quality and, you know, water purification will be really important in the coming decades. We also have products on the market. You can see here one of our products, our headphones are currently on the market. This is just one example of the products and prototypes, which we have developed in the Graphene Flagship.

"For more information, please visit the products and prototypes page on our website. Thank you so much."

graphene water filters

Our GRAPHIL spearhead project works to produce innovative water filters that can easily be connected directly to a house- hold sink, or used as a portable water purification device, to ensure easy access to safe drinking water for a sustainable cost. 

graphene automotive lubricant

Graphene-XT produces, with its graphene, a class of automotive oils and dry-to-touch coatings which are used in order to reduce friction, heat and wear between mechanical components.

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Graphene Flagship
Graphene Flagship

Bringing together 118 academic and industrial partners in 12 research and innovation projects and 1 coordination and support project, the Graphene Flagship initiative will continue to advance Europe’s strategic autonomy in technologies that rely on graphene and other 2D materials. The initiative, which builds on the previous 10-years of the Graphene Flagship, is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. The 2D-Experimental Pilot Line, addressing the challenges of upscaling 2D material production processes for the semiconductor industry, is another key component of the Graphene Flagship eco-system.