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Our latest 100 publications

EU Funded

This is a list of the 100 most recent publications by the Graphene Flagship (last update: 30 November 2021). Each reference includes a link to the publisher's website and the article's digital object identifier (DOI). If for some reason the publisher does not provide the full text document you might be able to find it using the article’s DOI via Unpaywall or use the Unpaywall plugin for Firefox and Chrome.

2D nanosheets from fool's gold by LPE: High performance lithium-ion battery anodes made from stone
Kaur, H., et al.
Flatchem 30. 2021

3D printed silicon-few layer graphene anode for advanced Li-ion batteries
Beydaghi, H., et al.
Rsc Advances 11. 56. 2021

Active site engineering of single-atom carbonaceous electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
Chen, G. B., et al.
Chemical Science. https://doi.org/10.1039/d1sc05867c

All-optical polarization and amplitude modulation of second-harmonic generation in atomically thin semiconductors
Klimmer, S., et al.
Nature Photonics 15. 11. 2021

Aptamer-modified biosensors to visualize neurotransmitter flux
Moraldo, C., et al.
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 365. 2022

Atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition growth of vertically aligned SnS2 and SnSe2 nanosheets
Sierra-Castillo, A., et al.
Rsc Advances 11. 58. 2021

Band structure and superconductivity in twisted trilayer graphene
Phong, V. T., et al.
Physical Review B 104. 12. 2021

Bias-Dependent Intrinsic RF Thermal Noise Modeling and Characterization of Single-Layer Graphene FETs
Mavredaki, N., et al.
Ieee Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 69. 11. 2021

Bioresponsive, Electroactive, and Inkjet-Printable Graphene-Based Inks
Silvestri, A., et al.
Advanced Functional Materials. https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.202105028

Boron Nitride Nanosheets Can Induce Water Channels Across Lipid Bilayers Leading to Lysosomal Permeabilization
Lucherelli, M. A., et al.
Advanced Materials 33. 45. 2021

Borophenes made easy
Cuxart, M. G., et al.
Science Advances 7. 45. 2021

Breakdown of Universal Scaling for Nanometer-Sized Bubbles in Graphene
Villarreal, R., et al.
Nano Letters 21. 19. 2021

Bright single photon emitters with enhanced quantum efficiency in a two-dimensional semiconductor coupled with dielectric nano-antennas
Sortino, L., et al.
Nature Communications 12. 1. 2021

Carbon nanotube-dependent synthesis of armchair graphene nanoribbons
Zhang, Y. F., et al.
Nano Research. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12274-021-3819-8

Carrier Transport Layer-Free Perovskite Solar Cells
Wang, L., et al.
Chemsuschem. https://doi.org/10.1002/cssc.202101592

Characterization of optogenetically-induced cortical spreading depression in awake mice using graphene micro-transistor arrays
Masvidal-Codina, E., et al.
Journal of Neural Engineering 18. 5. 2021

Chemical Design and Magnetic Ordering in Thin Layers of 2D Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
Lopez-Cabrelles, J., et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143. 44. 2021

Compact Modeling of pH-Sensitive FETs Based on 2-D Semiconductors
El Grour, T., et al.
Ieee Transactions on Electron Devices 68. 11. 2021

Conformal screen printed graphene 4 x 4 wideband MIMO antenna on flexible substrate for 5G communication and IoT applications
Zhou, X. Y., et al.
2d Materials 8. 4. 2021

Continuous capillary-flow sensing of glucose and lactate in sweat with an electrochemical sensor based on functionalized graphene oxide
Poletti, F., et al.
Sensors and Actuators B-Chemical 344. 2021

Control of Giant Topological Magnetic Moment and Valley Splitting in Trilayer Graphene
Ge, Z. H., et al.
Physical Review Letters 127. 13. 2021

Correlated electron-hole state in twisted double-bilayer graphene
Rickhaus, P., et al.
Science 373. 6560. 2021

Critical current fluctuations in graphene Josephson junctions
Haque, M. T., et al.
Scientific Reports 11. 1. 2021

Dependence of the polycarbonate mechanical performances on boron nitride flakes morphology
Lago, E., et al.
Journal of Physics-Materials 4. 4. 2021

Diamagnetically levitating resonant weighing scale
Chen, X. F., et al.
Sensors and Actuators a-Physical 330. 2021

Diaphite-structured nanodiamonds with six- and twelve-fold symmetries
Nemeth, P., et al.
Diamond and Related Materials 119. 2021

Diverse inflammatory threats modulate astrocytes Ca2+ signaling via connexin43 hemichannels in organotypic spinal slices
Panattoni, G., et al.
Molecular Brain 14. 1. 2021

Dynamics of 2D material membranes
Steeneken, P. G., et al.
2d Materials 8. 4. 2021

Edge ferromagnetism of graphene oxide
Strzelczyk, R., et al.
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 544. 2022

Effect of graphene flake size on functionalisation: quantifying reaction extent and imaging locus with single Pt atom tags
Rubio, N., et al.
Chemical Science 12. 44. 2021

The electrical conductivity of solution-processed nanosheet networks
Kelly, A. C., et al.
Nature Reviews Materials. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41578-021-00386-w

Excited-State Energy Surfaces in Molecules Revealed by Impulsive Stimulated Raman Excitation Profiles
Batignani, G., et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12. 38. 2021

Exposing the trion's fine structure by controlling the carrier concentration in hBN-encapsulated MoS2
Grzeszczyk, M., et al.
Nanoscale 13. 44. 2021

Fabry-Perot cavities and quantum dot formation at gate-defined interfaces in twisted double bilayer graphene
Portoles, E., et al.
2d Materials 9. 1. 2022

A formalism to compare electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction by cyclic voltammetry with the thin-film rotating ring-disk electrode measurements
Di Noto, V., et al.
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 31. 2022

Franckeite as an Exfoliable Naturally Occurring Topological Insulator
Paz, W. S., et al.
Nano Letters 21. 18. 2021

From scaled-up production of silicon-graphene nanocomposite to the realization of an ultra-stable full-cell Li-ion battery
Abouali, S., et al.
2d Materials 8. 3. 2021

The gate tunable 2D pn junction driven out-of-equilibrium
Chaves, F. A., & Jimenez, D.
Journal of Applied Physics 130. 17. 2021

Graphene Confers Ultralow Friction on Nanogear Cogs
Mescola, A., et al.
Small 17. 47. 2021

Graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide promote the effects of exogenous T3 thyroid hormone in the amphibian Xenopus laevis
Evariste, L., et al.
Chemosphere 281. 2021

Graphene-Paper-Based Electrodes on Plastic and Textile Supports as New Platforms for Amperometric Biosensing
Poletti, F., et al.
Advanced Functional Materials.

Heterostrain Determines Flat Bands in Magic-Angle Twisted Graphene Layers
Mesple, F., et al.
Physical Review Letters 127. 12. 2021

Hexagonal boron nitride: a review on selfstanding crystals synthesis towards 2D nanosheets
Maestre, C., et al.
Journal of Physics-Materials 4. 4. 2021

High-Speed Electroluminescence Modulation in Monolayer WS2
Kwak, D., et al.
Advanced Materials Technologies. https://doi.org/10.1002/admt.202100915

Hybrid 2D-QD MoS2-PbSe Quantum Dot Broadband Photodetectors with High-Sensitivity and Room-Temperature Operation at 2.5 mu m
Kundu, B., et al.
Advanced Optical Materials 9. 22. 2021

The impact of graphene oxide sheet lateral dimensions on their pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution profiles in mice
Jasim, D. A., et al.
Journal of Controlled Release 338. 2021

Inkjet-printed low-dimensional materials-based complementary electronic circuits on paper
Brunetti, I., et al.
Npj 2d Materials and Applications 5. 1. 2021

In-situ reduction by Joule heating and measurement of electrical conductivity of graphene oxide in a transmission electron microscope
Hettler, S., et al.
2d Materials 8. 3. 2021

Interface Engineering for Perovskite Solar Cells Based on 2D-Materials: A Physics Point of View
Verduci, R., et al.
Materials 14. 19. 2021

Interfacial spin-orbit torques and magnetic anisotropy in WSe2/permalloy bilayers
Hidding, J., et al.
Journal of Physics-Materials 4. 4. 2021

Janus monolayers of magnetic transition metal dichalcogenides as an all-in-one platform for spin-orbit torque
Smaili, I., et al.
Physical Review B 104. 10. 2021

Kondo effect and spin-orbit coupling in graphene quantum dots
Kurzmann, A., et al.
Nature Communications 12. 1. 2021

Label-free and reagentless electrochemical genosensor based on graphene acid for meat adulteration detection
Flauzino, J. M. R., et al.
Biosensors & Bioelectronics 195. 2022

Large-area nanoengineering of graphene corrugations for visible-frequency graphene plasmons
Dobrik, G., et al.
Nature Nanotechnology. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41565-021-01007-x

Large-area van der Waals epitaxy and magnetic characterization of Fe3GeTe2 films on graphene
Lopes, J. M. J., et al.
2d Materials 8. 4. 2021

Lattice dynamics of photoexcited insulators from constrained density-functional perturbation theory
Marini, G., & Calandra, M.
Physical Review B 104. 14. 2021

The lipid composition of few layers graphene and graphene oxide biomolecular corona
Braccia, C., et al.
Carbon 185. 2021

Long-term stability and tree-ring oxidation of WSe2 using phase-contrast AFM
Gammelgaard, L., et al.
Nanoscale 13. 45. 2021

Manipulation of spin transport in graphene/transition metal dichalcogenide heterobilayers upon twisting
Pezo, A., et al.
2d Materials 9. 1. 2022

Mass Transfer in Boronate Ester 2D COF Single Crystals
Naberezhnyi, D., et al.
Small. https://doi.org/10.1002/smll.202104392

Metal induced charge transfer doping in graphene-ruthenium hybrid interconnects
Achra, S., et al.
Carbon 183. 2021

A Modular Cascade Synthetic Strategy Toward Structurally Constrained Boron-Doped Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Zhang, J. J., et al.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 60. 49. 2021

Molecularly Engineered Black Phosphorus Heterostructures with Improved Ambient Stability and Enhanced Charge Carrier Mobility
Shi, H. H., et al.
Advanced Materials. https://doi.org/10.1002/adma.202105694

Multifaceted moire superlattice physics in twisted WSe2 bilayers
Magorrian, S. J., et al.
Physical Review B 104. 12. 2021

Multifunctional epoxy nanocomposites reinforced by two-dimensional materials: A review
Dong, M., et al.
Carbon 185. 2021

Multilayer MoTe2 Field-Effect Transistor at High Temperatures
Ahmed, F., et al.
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8. 22. 2021

Nanoscale interfacial engineering enables highly stable and efficient perovskite photovoltaics
Krishna, A., et al.
Energy & Environmental Science 14. 10. 2021

Nanostructured Co3O4 electrocatalyst for OER: The role of organic polyelectrolytes as soft templates
Bhatti, A. L., et al.
Electrochimica Acta 398. 2021

Narrow bands, electrostatic interactions and band topology in graphene stacks
Pantaleon, P. A., et al.
2d Materials 8. 4. 2021

NBN-Doped Bis-Tetracene and Peri-Tetracene: Synthesis and Characterization
Fu, Y. B., et al.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. https://doi.org/10.1002/anie.202109808

Nondestructive Picosecond Ultrasonic Probing of Intralayer and van der Waals Interlayer Bonding in alpha- and beta-In2Se3
Yan, W. J., et al.
Advanced Functional Materials. https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.202106206

Observation of interband collective excitations in twisted bilayer graphene
Hesp, N. C. H., et al.
Nature Physics 17. 10. 2021

Optimized graphene electrodes for contacting graphene nanoribbons
Braun, O., et al.
Carbon 184. 2021

Phonon-Assisted Intervalley Scattering Determines Ultrafast Exciton Dynamics in MoSe2 Bilayers
Helmrich, S., et al.
Physical Review Letters 127. 15. 2021

Physical and Electrical Characterization of Synthesized Millimeter Size Single Crystal Graphene, Using Controlled Bubbling Transfer
Ben Salk, S., et al.
Nanomaterials 11. 10. 2021

Polyelectrolyte-Assisted Dispersions of Reduced Graphite Oxide Nanoplates in Water and Their Gas-Barrier Application
Maddalena, L., et al.
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 13. 36. 2021

Purcell-like Enhancement of Electron-Phonon Interactions in Long-Period Superlattices: Linear-Temperature Resistivity and Cooling Power
Ishizuka, H., et al.
Nano Letters 21. 18. 2021

Radiative lifetime of free excitons in hexagonal boron nitride
Roux, S., et al.
Physical Review B 104. 16. 2021

Real-time study of on-water chemistry: Surfactant monolayer-assisted growth of a crystalline quasi-2D polymer
Seki, T., et al.
Chem 7. 10. 2021

Robust and Flexible Optically Active 2D Membranes Based on Encapsulation of Liquid Crystals in Graphene Oxide Pockets
Chen, M. S., et al.
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8. 22. 2021

Room temperature ammonia vapour detection on hBN flakes
Matsoso, B. J., et al.
Journal of Physics-Materials 4. 4. 2021

Ruddlesden-Popper Hybrid Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanosheets of Phase Pure n=2: Stabilized Colloids Stored in the Solid State

Cevallos-Toledo, R. B., et al.

Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. https://doi.org/10.1002/anie.202113451


Scalable Sacrificial Templating to Increase Porosity and Platinum Utilisation in Graphene-Based Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Electrodes

Suter, T. A. M., et al.

Nanomaterials 11. 10. 2021



Shelling with MoS2: Functional CuS@MoS2 hybrids as electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reactions

Bar-Hen, A., et al.

Chemical Engineering Journal 420. 2021



Squeeze-Film Effect on Atomically Thin Resonators in the High-Pressure Limit

Dolleman, R. J., et al.

Nano Letters 21. 18. 2021



Supercurrent rectification and magnetochiral effects in symmetric Josephson junctions

Baumgartner, C., et al.

Nature Nanotechnology. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41565-021-01009-9


Tailoring the Band Structure of Twisted Double Bilayer Graphene with Pressure

Szentpeteri, B., et al.

Nano Letters 21. 20. 2021



Terahertz Rectennas on Flexible Substrates Based on One-Dimensional Metal-Insulator-Graphene Diodes

Hemmetter, A., et al.

Acs Applied Electronic Materials 3. 9. 2021



Theory of cross quantum capacitance

Berthod, C., et al.

Physical Review Research 3. 4. 2021



Theory of the effective Seebeck coefficient for photoexcited two-dimensional materials: Graphene

Tomadin, A., & Polini, M.

Physical Review B 104. 12. 2021



Tunable spin-orbit coupling in two-dimensional InSe

Ceferino, A., et al.

Physical Review B 104. 12. 2021



Ultracompact Binary Permanent Rare-Earth Magnet with 1.25-T Center Field and Fast-Decaying Stray Field

Poumirol, J. M., et al.

Physical Review Applied 16. 4. 2021



Uncovering the release of micro/nanoplastics from disposable face masks at times of COVID-19

Morgana, S., et al.

Journal of Hazardous Materials 419. 2021



Unlocking the energy storage potential of polypyrrole via electrochemical graphene oxide for high performance zinc-ion hybrid supercapacitors

Yang, J., et al.

Journal of Power Sources 516. 2021



Unraveling the electronic properties of graphene with substitutional oxygen

Mackenzie, D. M. A., et al.

2d Materials 8. 4. 2021


Valley-exchange coupling probed by angle-resolved photoluminescence

Thompson, J. J. P., et al.

Nanoscale Horizons. https://doi.org/10.1039/d1nh00302j

Valley-polarized quantum anomalous Hall phase in bilayer graphene with layer-dependent proximity effects

Vila, M., et al.

Physical Review B 104. 16. 2021



Variational calculation of the lowest exciton states in phosphorene and transition metal dichalcogenides

Gomes, J. N. S., et al.

Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 34. 4. 2022



Viologen-Immobilized 2D Polymer Film Enabling Highly Efficient Electrochromic Device for Solar-Powered Smart Window

Wang, Z. Y., et al.

Advanced Materials. https://doi.org/10.1002/adma.202106073


Wafer-scale, epitaxial growth of single layer hexagonal boron nitride on Pt(111)

Hemmi, A., et al.

Journal of Physics-Materials 4. 4. 2021



Brightening of spin and momentumdark excitons in transition metal dichalcogenides.

Feierabend M, Brem S, Ekman A, Malic E

2d Materials, 8, 8, 2021



 In silico design, building and gas adsorption of nanoporous graphene scaffolds.

Bellucci L, Delfino F, Tozzini V

Nanotechnology, 32, 11, 2021



 Neutral and charged dark excitons in monolayer WS2.

Zinkiewicz M, Slobodeniuk AO, Kazimierczuk T, Kapuscinski P, Oreszczuk K, Grzeszczyk M, Bartos M, Nogajewski K, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Faugeras C, Kossacki P, Potemski M, Babinski A, Molas MR

Nanoscale, 12, 18153, 2020



 Theory of the thickness dependence of the charge density wave transition in 1 TTiTe2.

Zhou JS, Bianco R, Monacelli L, Errea I, Mauri F, Calandra M

2d Materials, 7, 10, 2020



 Effects of FewLayer Graphene on the Sexual Reproduction of Seed Plants: An In Vivo Study withCucurbita pepoL.

Zanelli D, Carniel FC, Garrido M, Fortuna L, Nepi M, Cai GM, Del Casino C, Vazquez E, Prato M, Tretiach M

Nanomaterials, 10, 17, 2020



 Luminescent sp(2)CarbonLinked 2D Conjugated Polymers with High Photostability.

Xu SQ, Li YG, Biswal BP, Addicoat MA, Paasch S, Imbrasas P, Park S, Shi HH, Brunner E, Richter M, Lenk S, Reineke S, Feng XL

Chemistry of Materials, 32, 7985, 2020



 Bimetallic manganesevanadium functionalized N,Sdoped carbon nanotubes as efficient oxygen evolution and oxygen reduction electrocatalysts.

Xing XL, Liu RJ, Anjass M, Cao KC, Kaiser U, Zhang GJ, Streb C

Applied Catalysis BEnvironmental, 277, 8, 2020



 Referencefree THzTDS conductivity analysis of thin conducting films.

Whelan PR, Shen Q, Luo D, Wang MH, Ruoff RS, Jepsen PU, Boggild P, Zhou BB

Optics Express, 28, 28819, 2020



 Optoelectronic Properties of a van der Waals WS2 Monolayer/2D Perovskite Vertical Heterostructure.

Wang QX, Zhang Q, Luo X, Wang JY, Zhu R, Liang QJ, Zhang L, Yong JZ, Wong CPY, Eda G, Smet JH, Wee ATS

Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 45235, 2020



 Strain engineering in monolayer WS(2)and WS(2)nanocomposites.

Wang F, Li SH, Bissett MA, Kinloch IA, Li ZL, Young RJ

2d Materials, 7, 13, 2020



 A Facile Method for the NonCovalent Amine Functionalization of CarbonBased Surfaces for Use in Biosensor Development.

Walters F, Ali MM, Burwell G, Rozhko S, Tehrani Z, Ahmadi ED, Evans JE, Abbasi HY, Bigham R, Mitchell JJ, Kazakova O, Devadoss A, Guy OJ

Nanomaterials, 10, 14, 2020



 Contact resistance assessment and highfrequency performance projection of black phosphorus fieldeffect transistor technologies.

ValdezSandoval L, RamirezGarcia E, Jimenez D, PachecoSanchez A

Semiconductor Science and Technology, 35, 7, 2020



 Schottky barriers, emission regimes and contact resistances in 2H1T' MoS(2)lateral metalsemiconductor junctions from firstprinciples.

Urquiza ML, Cartoixa X

2d Materials, 7, 12, 2020



 Spectroscopic thickness and quality metrics for PtSe(2)layers produced by topdown and bottomup techniques.

Szydlowska BM, Hartwig O, Tywoniuk B, Hartman T, StimpelLindner T, Sofer Z, McEvoy N, Duesberg GS, Backes C

2d Materials, 7, 12, 2020



 Dielectric Nanoantennas for Strain Engineering in Atomically Thin TwoDimensional Semiconductors.

Sortino L, Brooks M, Zotev PG, Genco A, Cambiasso J, Mignuzzi S, Maier SA, Burkard G, Sapienza R, Tartakovskii AI

Acs Photonics, 7, 2413, 2020



 SubstrateInduced Variances in Morphological and Structural Properties of MoS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition on Epitaxial Graphene and SiO2.

Sitek J, Plocharski J, Pasternak I, Gertych AP, McAleese C, Conran B, Zdrojek M, Strupinski W

Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 45101, 2020



 Tunable freeelectron Xray radiation from van der Waals materials.

Shentcis M, Budniak AK, Shi XH, Dahan R, Kurman Y, Kalina M, Sheinfux HH, Blei M, Svendsen MK, Amouyal Y, Tongay S, Thygesen KS, Koppens FHL, Lifshitz E, de Abajo FJG, Wong LJ, Kaminer I

Nature Photonics, 14, 686, 2020



 Fractional quantum Hall effect in CVDgrown graphene.

Schmitz M, Ouaj T, Winter Z, Rubi K, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Zeitler U, Beschoten B, Stampfer C

2d Materials, 7, 8, 2020



 Toxicological evaluation of highly water dispersible fewlayer graphene in vivo.

Ruiz A, Lucherelli MA, Murera D, Lamon D, MenardMoyon C, Bianco A

Carbon, 170, 347, 2020



 Observation and assessment of acoustic contamination of electrophysiological brain signals during speech production and sound perception.

Roussel P, Le Godais G, Bocquelet F, Palma M, Jiang HJ, Zhang SM, Giraud AL, Megevand P, Miller K, Gehrig J, Kell C, Kahane P, Chabardes S, Yvert B

Journal of Neural Engineering, 17, 20, 2020



 Impact of local structure on halogen ion migration in layered methylammonium copper halide memory devices.

Ray A, MartinGarcia B, Martinelli A, Spirito D, Locardi F, Altamura D, Giannini C, Prato M, Manna L, Abdelhady AL

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 8, 17516, 2020



 Remarkably enhanced Curie temperature in monolayer CrI3 by hydrogen and oxygen adsorption: A firstprinciples calculations.

Rassekh M, He JJ, Shayesteh SF, Palacios JJ

Computational Materials Science, 183, 11, 2020



 Highly selective and ultralow power consumption metal oxide based hydrogen gas sensor employing graphene oxide as molecular sieve.

Rasch F, Postica V, Schutt F, Mishra YK, Nia AS, Lohe MR, Feng XL, Adelung R, Lupan O

Sensors and Actuators BChemical, 320, 9, 2020



 Heteroepitaxial growth of sp(2)hybridized boron nitride multilayer on nickel substrates by CVD: the key role of the substrate orientation.

Prevost H, AndrieuxLedier A, Dorval N, Fossard F, Merot JS, Schue L, Plaud A, Heripre E, Barjon J, Loiseau A

2d Materials, 7, 10, 2020



 Impurity resonance effects in graphene versus impurity location, concentration, and sublattice occupation.

Pogorelov YG, Loktev VM, Kochan D

Physical Review B, 102, 18, 2020



 Highquality electrical transport using scalable CVD graphene.

Pezzini S, Miseikis V, Pace S, Rossella F, Watanabe K, Taniguchi T, Coletti C

2d Materials, 7, 8, 2020



 On the elastic properties of singlewalled phagraphene nanotubes.

Pereira ML, De Sousa JM, Brandao WHS, Aguiar AL, Bizao RA, Ribeiro LA, Galvao DS

Chemical Physics Letters, 756, 7, 2020



 Resonant photocurrent from a single quantum emitter in tungsten diselenide.

Paur M, MolinaMendoza AJ, Polyushkin D, de Vasconcellos SM, Bratschitsch R, Mueller T

2d Materials, 7, 7, 2020



 Nonlinear Optical Microscopy: From Fundamentals to Applications in Live Bioimaging.

Parodi V, Jacchetti E, Osellame R, Cerullo G, Polli D, Raimondi MT

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8, 18, 2020



 Accuracy ofYfunction methods for parameters extraction of twodimensional FETs across different technologies.

PachecoSanchez A, Jimenez D

Electronics Letters, 56, 942, 2020



 Contact resistance extraction of graphene FET technologies based on individual device characterization.

PachecoSanchez A, Feijoo PC, Jimenez D

SolidState Electronics, 172, 6, 2020



 Electrode selection rules for enhancing the performance of triboelectric nanogenerators and the role of fewlayers graphene.

Pace G, Ansaldo A, Serri M, Lauciello S, Bonaccorso F

Nano Energy, 76, 10, 2020



 LaserDeposited Carbon Aerogel Derived from Graphene Oxide Enables NO2Selective PartsperBillion Sensing.

Nufer S, Lynch PJ, Large MJ, Ogilvie SP, Salvage JP, PelaezFernandez M, Waters T, Jurewicz I, Munoz E, Arenal R, Benito AM, Maser WK, Tagmatarchis N, Ewels CP, Brunton A, Dalton AB

Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 39541, 2020



 Acetylation of graphite oxide.

Nordenstrom A, Iakunkov A, Baburin I, Talyzin A

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 22, 21059, 2020



 Superfast fabrication of selfordered nanoporous anodic alumina membranes by ultrahard anodization.

Noormohammadi M, Arani ZS, Ramazani A, Kashi MA, Abbasimofrad S

Electrochimica Acta, 354, 12, 2020



 Recent advancement in biomedical applications on the surface of twodimensional materials: from biosensing to tissue engineering.

Nguyen EP, Silva CDC, Merkoci A

Nanoscale, 12, 19043, 2020



 Mapping nanoscale dynamic properties of suspended and supported multilayer graphene membranes via contact resonance and ultrasonic scanning probe microscopies.

Mucientes M, McNair R, Peasey A, Shao SQ, Wengraf J, Lulla K, Robinson BJ, Kolosov O

Nanotechnology, 31, 9, 2020



 Exploring event horizons and Hawking radiation through deformed graphene membranes.

Morresi T, Binosi D, Simonucci S, Piergallini R, Roche S, Pugno NM, Simone T

2d Materials, 7, 12, 2020



 Understanding enhanced charge storage of phosphorusfunctionalized graphene in aqueous acidic electrolytes.

MorenoFernandez G, GomezUrbano JL, Enterria M, Cid R, del Amo JML, Mysyk R, Carriazo D

Electrochimica Acta, 361, 10, 2020



 Ultrafast, ZeroBias, Graphene Photodetectors with Polymeric Gate Dielectric on Passive Photonic Waveguides.

Miseikis V, Marconi S, Giambra MA, Montanaro A, Martini L, Fabbri F, Pezzini S, Piccinini G, Forti S, Terres B, Goykhman I, Hamidouche L, Legagneux P, Sorianello V, Ferrari AC, Koppens FHL, Romagnoli M, Coletti C

Acs Nano, 14, 11190, 2020



 Graphenebased biosensors.

Merkoci A

2d Materials, 7, 1, 2020



 MoS2onpaper optoelectronics: drawing photodetectors with van der Waals semiconductors beyond graphite.

Mazaheri A, Lee M, van der Zant HSJ, Frisenda R, CastellanosGomez A

Nanoscale, 12, 19068, 2020



 Biocompatibility of a Conjugated Polymer Retinal Prosthesis in the Domestic Pig.

MayaVetencourt JF, Di Marco S, Mete M, Di Paolo M, Ventrella D, Barone F, Elmi A, Manfredi G, Desii A, Sannita WG, Bisti S, Lanzani G, Pertile G, Bacci ML, Benfenati F

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 8, 19, 2020



 Degradationbydesign: how chemical functionalization enhances the biodegradability and safety of 2D materials.

Ma BJ, Martin C, Kurapati R, Bianco A

Chemical Society Reviews, 49, 6224, 2020



 Selective area oxidation of copper derived from chemical vapor deposited graphene microstructure.

Luo BR, Yang S, Yuan AH, Zhang B, Li DJ, Boggild P, Booth TJ

Nanotechnology, 31, 7, 2020



 Mechanisms of LiquidPhase Exfoliation for the Production of Graphene.

Li ZL, Young RJ, Backes C, Zhao W, Zhang X, Zhukov AA, Tillotson E, Conlan AP, Ding F, Haigh SJ, Novoselov KS, Coleman JN

Acs Nano, 14, 10976, 2020



 Multifunctional graphene oxide/biopolymer composite aerogels for microcontaminants removal from drinking water.

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