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Work Package 17

Research does not stop once a paper is published. Innovation goes way beyond a product launch, and collaboration blossoms in scientific conferences, tradeshows and meetings. This is why the Dissemination Work Package plays a key role in making the Graphene Flagship such a successful project. We are a multidisciplinary team of experts in science writing, communication, marketing and events, working together to maximise the impact of our project’s outcomes.

Work Package Leadership

Leader: Rebecca Waters, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Deputy: Fernando Gomollón-Bel, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Division Leadership

Leader: Rebecca Waters, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden​
Deputy: Alexander Tzalenchuk, NPL, United Kingdom

Graphene Flagship Dissemination Team

Dissemination Team

Our Dissemination team brings the project to you! From communicating the latest results and achievements from the Graphene Flagship to promoting events.

Meet the Dissemination Team