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Diversity in Graphene

EU Funded

Diversity in Graphene expands the scope and actions of the Graphene Flagship's Women in Graphene initiative.

Women in Graphene was first launched at Graphene Week 2015, providing all attendees with a new platform to discuss gender and diversity issues in STEM – particularly within the graphene and layered materials community. The broader Diversity in Graphene initiative will expand the horizons of our inclusion efforts, discuss topics wider than gender, and set up a pioneering mentorship programme within the Graphene Flagship.

The Diversity in Graphene initiative aims to create a collaborative research environment where everybody feels welcome, without any prejudice. Diversity in Graphene will lead the discussion about inclusion and diversity in the field of graphene. Together with the Diversity in Graphene Advisory Group, we will support under-represented groups in our community, fostering and supporting progressive improvements that will reach all structural levels of the Graphene Flagship.

The initiative officially kicked off during the Graphene For Research, Innovation, Collaboration online event in September 2020. In a panel discussion, we shared ideas on how to create a more inclusive project: we want to make the Graphene Flagship as welcoming and all-encompassing as possible.

Paneslists' profile photo, Diversity in Graphene event 2020

Highlights of "The road to diversity and inclusion" panel discussion, September 2020. 

Furthermore, we will continue to organise an annual event to foster the career of scientists from under-represented groups by providing them with unique training and networking opportunities. These will resemble our previous in-person events and the virtual 'Women in Graphene' conference that took place in March 2020.

Diversity in Graphene events: 

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Mentoring programme

Apply to take part in our mentorship programme as a mentor or mentee.

hand holding light bulb. innovation concept
29 April 2021

Innovation Webinar: April

In this webinar, CEO Martin Lohe will give an in-depth insight into Sixonia Tech’s core technology, including product development and strategic aspects of its electrochemical process used to obtain graphene compounds. This webinar is organized by the Graphene Flagship Innovation Work Package and is open for all.

EuroNanoForum banner
5-6 May 2021

EuroNanoForum 2021

The EuroNanoForum online conference to be held May 5th-6th will address the role of nano-enabled technologies and industries in the transformation towards EU prosperity. The event will bring forward the role of R&I, as well as the opportunities offered by EU’s next Framework Programme; Horizon Europe.

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27 May 2021

Innovation Webinar: May

In this webinar, Piers Andrew, one of Emberion’s founders, describes the company’s genesis as a spin-out from a multinational and its subsequent evolution into an independent entity. He will relate the journey taken from the initial “hero” devices made in the laboratory – through twists and turns – to the development of a saleable product.

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Diversity in Graphene Advisory Group:

Aitor Villafranca Velasco 

IO-CSIC; Alcyon Photonics; PRISMA

Alba Centeno / Amaia Zurutuza 


Ana Helman


Beata Szydlowska

Bundeswehr University Munich; University of Heidelberg

Camilla Coletti 


Letizia Diamante University of Cambridge UK
Mar Garcia Hernandez




Activities organised as part of the Women in Graphene initiative

Picture of Women in Graphene career development day 2020 

Women in Graphene career development day in March 2020 

Attendes of Women in Graphene career event 2018

Women in Graphene career event in 2018