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Graphene Week 2023 highlights for industry

Graphene Week 2023 is a great venue for discussing the commercialisation of graphene, industrial applications and challenges in upscaling processes. Several dedicated sessions will focus specifically on these and other topics related to innovation and industrialisation.

Innovation and Industry

Innovation Forum

Graphene Week 2023 creates a fusion of graphene research and technology with industrial innovation – it is where science meets business! Make sure to join the Innovation Forum to learn about the latest graphene innovations, spin-off company successes, and the future of the graphene industry.

Innovation Forum Programme

2D-EPL - Exploring the impact of processes on device operation.

A major challenge in using 2D materials is linked to the impact of the environment on its properties. These effects are mitigated by careful material and process selection. The transition from lab – to – fab is enabled by setting up dedicated tooling and processes. Gaining insights on the source of process variations and their impact on the variability of device parameters is key to making the right choices in the set-up of pilot-line processes.   

2D-EPL Workshop Programme


The exhibition is the ideal place for you to meet key industry leaders and learn about the latest developments and research in graphene and 2D materials and products. Delegates in Gothenburg will be able to make their way through our vibrant exhibition area and conduct enriching face-to-face interactions with industry partners as well as taking part in the program activities.

Exhibitors & Sponsors

UAE workshop at Khalifa University

UAE International Workshop

In this workshop, organised as part of the Graphene Week 2023 programme, attendees get a chance to learn about the ongoing research activities and real-world technology transfer applications in the United Arab Emirates, including spin-offs from the Graphene Flagship. The Research & Innovation Center for Graphene and 2D Materials, at Khalifa University, is very focused on the commercialization of research and addresses challenges from the region with innovations in construction, health care, aerospace, energy and water purification. Apart from presentations, this session will also provide opportunities to discuss topics of common interest, explore possible new collaborations, and a Q&A session. 

EU- UAE Workshop Programme