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Graphene Week 2023 programme speakers


Graphene Week 2023 will feature over 25 keynote and invited speakers in plenary, around 100 oral contributions in parallel sessions, and approximately 300 poster presentations.

The event will also incorporate several dedicated sessions that offer opportunities to specific groups within our community to showcase their work and to make new connections. These sessions include the Graphene Innovation Forum, the Exhibitors Future Forum, and fringe sessions on Diversity and Early Career Research.

By attending Graphene Week 2023, you will have the rare opportunity to connect with relevant peers on a large and meaningful scale. New perspectives, new collaborations, and new technologies – they all begin here.

Moreover, as a non-commercial event funded by the European Commissions, Graphene Week really is the European arena that provides the greatest opportunity to talented researchers and innovators to showcase their work and build new partnerships. Our goal at Graphene Week is to support you, and to support graphene research and applications – nothing more. Your goals and priorities are our goals and priorities.

Graphene Week Topics


Exploring graphene and other 2D-materials at their most fundamental level.

- Spintronics and Magnetics

- Heterostructures

- Electronics and Optoelectronics

- Plasmonics and Mechanics

- Photonics

Sustainability & Graphene

Green graphene applications.

- Energy Harvesting

- Energy Conversion 

- Energy Storage

- Catalytics and Sensors

- Water filtration 

- Environment, Health, and Safety


Bringing graphene out of the lab.

- Nanomedicine

- Antiviral and Antibacterial Surfaces

- Diagnostics

- Composites, Coatings, and Paints

- Foams and Additives

- Telecommunications

- Wearables and NEMS

Production Processes

From atoms to tonnes.

- Growth, Transfer, and Processing

- Exfoliation Processing

- Surface Chemistry

- Functionalisation

- Industrial Upscaling

- 2D-EPL Activities

GF 10 Years & Beyond

Celebrating a decade of 2D materials innovation.

- Impact and Perspectives

- The Future of 2D materials