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Collaboration with Korea

EU Funded

History: Connections between Korean researchers and the Graphene Flagship started during the pilot phase due to the intense research activities and a similar flagship-like initiative that has been funded by the Korean government. Joint workshops began during the ramp–up phase with events held annually in Busan (2015), Copenhagen (2016), Jeju (2017), San Sebastian (2018) and Seoul (2019).

Topics in spotlight: basic chemistry approaches, materials synthesis, standardisation, sensing, application development and commercialisation for graphene and related 2D materials.

Visits: Workshop participants had the unique opportunity to tour the LG Science Park & LG Electronics during the 2019 workshop in Seoul.

The bilateral EU-Korea workshops on Graphene and Related Materials are focused on the mastering chemical approaches towards functions optimisation for advanced applications in opto-electronics, sensing and energy storage and generation, as well as commercialisation. Insightful previous workshops were essential to catalyse cross-activities in the R&D of physical and chemical sensing as well as non-volatile memories.

Paolo Samori
EU-Korea workshop chair

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