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Student Grants for Graphene Week 2022

Applications for student grants are now CLOSED.


The Graphene Flagship is proud to have offered 100 Student Grants for students planning to attend the latest edition Graphene Week.


Only students submitting an abstract were eligible to apply for student grants from the Graphene Flagship. See guidelines below.

Support for Ukrainian researchers attending Graphene Week

In response to the war in Ukraine, Graphene Flagship Director Jari Kinaret has created a grant to support Ukrainian researchers wishing to participate in Graphene Flagship events. Russian and Belarussian institutions have been suspended from the project and delegates affiliated with these institutions will not be allowed to participate in Graphene Flagship events.

Doctoral-degree researchers affiliated with Ukrainian organisations can from now, and until further notice, apply for funding to attend events organised by the Graphene Flagship. This grant can cover conference related expenses (e.g. conference fees, housing and travel) up to a total of EUR 2,000.

For more information click here.

Student Grants Guidelines 2022

Students attending the Graphene Week 2022 and submitting an abstract (as first or second authors) may apply for student grants from the Graphene Flagship. Please read the application requirements closely and follow the instructions (see below). Incomplete or not eligible applications will not receive funding.

The purpose of this support programme is to encourage and promote the professional development of students in the field. It is considered as an important tool in fostering the next generation of graphene researchers and a key element in the continuous renewal of the flagship community.

Eligible students may apply to receive a 300  Euros discount of the delegates' fee. Only early-bird and normal applications will be considered for the Graphene Week 2022grant. These grants will be given to those selected by the Graphene Week Programme Committee.

Student grants are available for a limited number of students (100) planning to attend Graphene Week 2022. Applications for student grants are made through the abstract form.

Who can apply?

Please be aware of the following eligibility criteria for the student grant:

  • An abstract is presented -an abstract, clearly showing the author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), must be submitted into the abstract form. Second author applicants must include a statement about their contribution to the project in their application. Its contents are in line with the topic description in the
  • Student (Bachelor, MSc or PhD) who are involved in graphene and related materials research
  • Open to all nationalities (however, the candidate needs to work in a research institution/organisation).
  • Fluent in English.
  • Gender balance is considered in the evaluation.

Application procedure

1.Apply for the grant by submitting your application via the link above. Please note that applications with incomplete information will not be considered.

2.Application and supporting documents are written/presented in English.

3.Students entitled to student grants will be notified via email after the assessment of their application.

4.The selection process will be done by the Graphene Week Chair and the Graphene Week Programme Committee, based on the abstract content (there are 100 student grants available).

5.If you received the Graphene Flagship confirmation email that you are entitled to receive a Graphene Week Student Grant, please follow the registration procedure described in the confirmation mail(the registration fee will be reduced by 300 Euros).

6.Register and check if you received the confirmation with the correct details of your booking.

7.If eligible to travel funds, contact graphene-eu@esf.orgfor the travel grant application form(thereare20 travel grants available).

Notification of results

Students entitled to student grants will be notified via email after the assessment of their application. Please forward questions regarding your application to: gw@graphene-flagship.eu

Graphene Flagship Travel funds-Partnering Division only

Only Students (Bachelor, MSc or PhD) from the Partnering Division of the Graphene Flagship who have been selected for a student grant can apply for travel funds. There are 20 travel grants of 900 Euros each available on a first come, first served basis.

Students who apply for a GW travel fund have a research position at one of the Associated Members’ institutions and/or are involved in one of the Partnering Projects that are associated to the Graphene Flagship.

Students from Partnering Projects of the Graphene Flagship who have a research position at one of the Core Project’s organisations and are directly involved in the Core Project’s activities and students from Graphene Flagship Associate Member organisations that are large private companies or private institutions are not eligible for travel support.

How to apply? If you are eligible for GF travel funds, please contact graphene-eu@esf.org for the travel grant application form (there are 20 travel grants available).

The Graphene Flagship doesn’t provide additional support for students traveling to the Graphene Week 2022.