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Gothenburg, Sweden
5 September 2023
  • Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 5 September 2023

Diversity in Graphene @ Graphene Week 2023

This year's event included 1-to-1 career coaching sessions and talks about creating a healthy work culture.


Healthy Work Culture - 5 September 2023

Déborah Rupert presented the key elements of a healthy work culture and how we can support ourselves and each other to thrive and prevent burnout.

Eva Ranehill presented her research findings encompassing two pivotal topics: female leadership and the impact of PhD studies on mental health care uptake. 

Attendees enjoyed a comprehensive exploration of these topics, accompanied by ample opportunities to engage and ask questions to the speakers and the members of the Diversity in Graphene Advisory Group, including Alba Centeno and Amaia Zurutuza (Graphenea), Camilla Coletti (IIT), Stefania Vitale (ESF) and Mar Garcia Hernandez (CSIC). 

Career coaching for academics with Déborah Rupert 

Career coaching helps you clarify your career, from navigating your current role to figuring out and stepping into your next role using mindset shifts, hands-on tools and job search techniques adapted to highly educated professionals. 

Coaching is a structured problem-solving process and teamwork between the coach and the coachee. The coach invites the coachee to expand their thinking towards clarity and action using open questioning and various exercises. The session will follow the GROW model: 1. Goal, 2. Current Reality, 3. Options, 4. Way Forward

As a coach, Rupert puts great emphasis on helping you to design your career around your wished lifestyle and well-being by leveraging your strengths and what works for you. She follows the ethics code of the international coaching federation; the content of the session is confidential. 

Upon booking, you agree to prepare our meeting by doing a clarity exercise to sharpen your goal for the session, so you get the best of our time together with the career coach.