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EU-US Workshop 2018

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San Sebastian, Spain
13-14 September
  • San Sebastian, Spain
  • 13-14 September

4th Graphene Flagship US-EU Workshop on graphene and related 2D materials

The 4th US-EU Workshop was held on 13-14 September 2018 at Kursaal Congress Centre, in San Sebastian (Spain) as part of the Graphene Week 2018 conference. Co-organized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the European Graphene Flagship project, this workshop provided a venue for discussing the common challenges and opportunities in this rapidly developing research area.

Workshop Chairs & Co-Chairs

Manchester University, UK

Vladimir Fal'ko


United States

Alan Seabaugh


United Kingdom

Frank Koppens


Pennsylvania State University, US

Joshua Robinson


The workshop gathered 18 speakers, 8 from the United States and 10 from Europe.

  • Joshua Robinson, Pennsylvania State University, United States of America
  • Marco Polini, ITT, Italy
  • Roger Lake, University of California Riverside, United States of America
  • Alexander Tartakovskii, Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Alessandro Tredicucci, University of Pisa, Italy
  • Eric Vogel, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America
  • Robert Wallace, University of Texas at Dallas, United States of America
  • Peide Ye, Purdue University, United States of America
  • James Hwang, Lehigh University, United States of America
  • Eric Pop, Stanford University, United States of America
  • Andrea Ferrari, Cambridge University, United Kingdom
  • Vladimir Fal’ko, The Manchester University, United Kingdom
  • Marco Romagnoli, CNIT, Italy
  • Susan Fullerton, University of Pittsburgh, United States of America
  • Thomas Mueller, TU Wien, Germany
  • Roman Gorbachev, Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Giulio Cerullo, Politecnico de Milano, Italy
  • Jurgen Smet, MPI Stuttgart, Germany