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Singapore-EU Workshop

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Singapore, Singapore
27-28 March 2023
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • 27-28 March 2023

The 1st Graphene Flagship EU-Singapore Workshop on Graphene and related 2D materials

This first Singapore - EU Graphene Flagship workshop, co-organised by the EU Graphene Flagship and the Institute for Functional Intelligent Materials (I-FIM) at the National University of Singapore, aimed to present the ongoing research activities on both sides and discuss possible international collaborations.

Workshop Chairs

Professor Kostya Novoselov

Professor Kostya Novoselov

Professor Stephan Roche

Professor Stephan Roche


Research innovation in 2D materials and beyond


The EU Graphene Flagship delegation comprises key leaders of fundamental research, material production, and applications, including representatives from EU industries. I-FIM is one of the world’s newest Research Institutes, headed by Physics Nobel Laureate Kostya Novoselov, and is dedicated to the design and creation of new intelligent materials. This two-day workshop provided the opportunity for researchers in Europe and Singapore to discuss topics of common interest and to explore possible new collaborations.


View the Singapore-EU Workshop 2023 Programme


For more information, please contact graphene-eu@esf.org



From the EU:

Jari Kinaret, Chalmers University, Sweden
Andrea Ferrari, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Ken Teo, Aixtron, United Kingdom
Vincent Bouchiat, Grapheal, France
Francesco Bonaccorso, BeDimensional, Italy
Vladimir Falko, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Stephan Roche, ICREA and ICN2, Spain
Kostas Kostarelos, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Laura Ballerini, SISSA, Italy
José Garrido, ICN2, Spain
Johan Ek Weis, Chalmers Industriteknik, Sweden
Kari Hjelt, Chalmers Industriteknik, Sweden
Vincenzo Palermo, CNR ISOF, Italy

From the Singapore:

Liu Bin, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Barbaros Oezyilmaz, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Liu Zheng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Kedar Hipplalgaonkar, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Guillermo C. Bazan, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Alexey Berdyugin, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Maxim Trushin, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Ricardo Oliviera, 2DM Solutions, Singapore
Daria Andreeva, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Justin Song, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Juan Alfredo Guevara Carrio, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Ricardo Keitel Donato, National University of Singapore, Singapore