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Australia-EU Workshop 2023

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Melbourne, Australia
30-31 March 2023
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • 30-31 March 2023

The 3rd Graphene Flagship Australia-EU Workshop on Graphene and 2D materials

The 3rd Australia-EU Workshop on Graphene and Related Materials was held on 30-31 March 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. By bringing together leading researchers from Europe and Australia, this workshop aimed at being an open forum to discuss cutting-edge research in the field and foster scientific exchanges, practices and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with graphene and 2D materials. The workshop hosted 64 attendees of which 10 came from industry and 24 spoke (10 Australian representatives, 10 European representatives and 10 from industry).

Workshop Chairs

Dusan Losic

Dusan Losic

Michael Fuhrer

Michael Fuhrer

Mainak Majumder

Mainak Majumder

Ken Teo
United Kingdom

Ken Teo



From the EU:

Jari Kinaret, Chalmers University, Sweden
Andrea Ferrari, Cambridge University, United Kingdom
Vladimir Falko, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Ian Kinloch, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Lucia Delogu, University of Padua, Italy
Alberto Bianco, CNRS Strasbourg, France
Francesco Bonaccorso, Bedimensional SpA, Italy
Vincent Bouchiat, Grapheal SAS, France
Vincenzo Palermo, CNR, Italy
Johan Ek Weis, Chalmers IndustriTecknik
Ken Teo, AIXTRON Ltd, United Kingdom

From Australia:

Gordon Wallace,University of Wollongong, Australia
Michael Fuhrer, Monash University, Australia
Dusan Losic, University of Adelaide, Australia
Mainak Majumder, Monash University, Australia
Dan Li, University of Melbourne, Australia
Francesca Iacopi, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Ajayan Vinu, University of Newcastle, Australia
Sumeet Walia, RMIT, Australia
Baohua Jia, RMIT, Australia
Hoe Tan, Australian National University, Australia
Qin Li, Grifith University, Australia
Deepak Dubal, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Abozar Akbari, NematiQ, Australia
Neil Armstrong, First Graphene, Australia
Manju Gunawardana, LOLC ATA/Ceylon Graphene Technologies, Australia
Ashok Kumar Nanjundan, Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd., Australia
Meysam Sharifzadeh, Ionic Industries Ltd., Australia



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