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Annual Report 2023

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Annual Report 2023

Europe in the Lead

In 2013, the European Commission (EC) started its largest research and innovation project to date: the Graphene Flagship, with a budget of €1 billion. This project ran for ten years and provided funding to a consortium of approximately 170 academic and industrial partners spanning 22 countries and collaborating on the development of marketable products containing graphene and related 2D materials. The project and investment have been largely successful, with collaboration and longevity pinpointed as being the biggest benefits of the project, which generated €5.9 billion in economic impact and helped to create 81,622 jobs. Considering the success of the Graphene Flagship and the European Union’s aim to strengthen science and technology within its borders, the initiative will continue under the Horizon Europe programme. 

By Graphene Flagship / 19 June 2024
Patrik Johansson
Annual Report 2023 / Leadership

From the (new) Director

The last year was nothing like any of the preceeding years for the Graphene Flagship. We celebrated the first ten years of the project as we closed Core 3, and with it the single-project structure of the Flagship. The five-day final review and the broader assesment of the past decade meant a lot of hard work by many. In the end, I think we can proudly say that we have delivered beyond expectations and given European tax-payers extremely good value for their money. It was not a true ending, but nevertheless a feeling of departure for many in the community – the end of the Graphene Flagship as we knew it. 

By Graphene Flagship / 05 June 2024