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Photonics / Annual Report 2023

Graphene and 2D materials in photonics: A revolutionary leap in technology

In the vast landscape of modern science and technology, graphene and two-dimensional materials (2DM) have emerged as game-changers, revolutionising industries with their remarkable properties and diverse applications. Among the myriad fields benefiting from their extraordinary characteristics, photonics stands out as one of the most promising domains. Photonics, the science and technology of generating, detecting and controlling photons, has found new avenues for innovation and advancement through the integration of graphene and 2D materials. In this article, we delve into the captivating realm of photonics and explore how graphene and 2D materials are reshaping its landscape, opening up unprecedented possibilities and paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries. 

By Graphene Flagship / 02 July 2024
futuristic car; self-driving car
2DNEURALVISION / Photonics / Our project

2DNEURALVISION receives EU funding to develop a novel low-power consumption, adverse weather, low light computer vision system

The 2DNEURALVISION project will carry out leading-edge research in the field of 2DM (two-dimensional materials) for wide-spectrum image sensing and vision systems. Its scientific achievements will aim to drive disruptive improvements in the automotive, AR/VR, service robotic and mobile device sectors, which expect to have a major impact on society.

By Graphene Flagship / 01 December 2023
Light bends electrons through graphene
Photonics / Electronics / Materials

Light bends electrons through graphene

Graphene Flagship researchers from ICFO in Barcelona, in collaboration with teams in Columbia University, US, NTU, Singapore and NIMS, Japan, have reported the first use of light to bend of electrons in bilayer graphene.

By ICFO and Graphene Flagship / 19 April 2022