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Biomedical Technologies

Work Package 5

In the Biomedical Technologies Work Package, we take advantage of the unique properties of graphene, such as its ability to interact with electro-active cells and tissues in the body, for medical monitoring, diagnosis and neuropathic therapy.

The graphene-based neural interface devices developed in our Work Package offer the capability to record brain activity, allowing neuroscientists and clinicians to access previously untapped bandwidths of electrophysiological signals in serious brain disorders, such as epilepsy. We aim to translate this technology into graphene-based products in the biomedical field, enabled by our industrial partners.

We are hopeful that our research will allow other scientists around the world to use graphene to better understand neural signaling and physiology at the pre-clinical level, and in parallel, offer clinicians and patients improved treatment options for blindness, epilepsy and other neurological diseases.

New horizons in neurological diagnosis

Neurological diseases like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease are currently not well-understood, and they affect millions of people worldwide. For many of these patients, the treatment options available are limited – but the graphene technologies we develop have the potential to change the way we diagnose, treat and monitor these diseases.

Our Work Package will organise and execute a clinical study in the next phase of the project using graphene-based electrodes. They allow for the wireless recording of neurons and brain activity for the diagnosis of diseases of the brain. This will be the first in-human trial of a graphene-based medical device, and we believe the findings of this study will open up new avenues for graphene to be translated into a clinical environment.

Work Package Leadership

Leader: Kostas Kostarelos, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Deputy: Serge Picaud, Sorbonne, France

Division Leadership

Leader: Kostas Kostarelos, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
Deputy: Maurizio Prato, University of Trieste, Italy

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