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The Graphene Flagship is research, innovation and collaboration

Funded by the European Commission, the Graphene Flagship aims to secure a major role for Europe in the ongoing technological revolution, helping to bring graphene innovation out of the lab and into commercial applications.

The Graphene Flagship gathers 170+ academic and industrial partners from 21 countries. Bringing diverse competencies together, the Graphene Flagship facilitates cooperation between its partners, accelerating the timeline for industry acceptance of graphene technologies. Have a look around!

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Europe's Leading Graphene Conference

Graphene Week brings together the latest innovations and leading-edge technology and research on graphene from more than 200 experts related to industry and academia. This year, to make sure we provide the best possible experience to our ever-growing graphene community, Graphene Week is going digital. The conference will be held on 20–24 September 2021.

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27 May 2021

Innovation Webinar: May

In this webinar, Piers Andrew, one of Emberion’s founders, describes the company’s genesis as a spin-out from a multinational and its subsequent evolution into an independent entity. He will relate the journey taken from the initial “hero” devices made in the laboratory – through twists and turns – to the development of a saleable product.

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29 September 2021

EU-Korea 2021

Organised as a virtual event, this workshop aims to foster the exchange of experiences, practices and ideas related to the current and emerging topics associated with the basic chemistry approach, materials synthesis, application development and commercialization of graphene and related 2D materials.

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Divisions and work packages

The Graphene Flagship is implemented in six divisions: four of them scientific and one each for Partnering Projects and Administration. Within the divisions are a total of 19 Work Packages, 15 on research and innovation and four on operative management aspects.

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