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Partnering Division

The Partnering Division comprises projects, SMEs and large industrial companies, which extend the Graphene Flagship in terms of its technological and research expertise. Since a number of the partnership projects involve members of the Graphene Flagship, the Division facilitates the building of a Europe-wide network of research facilities and experts with outstanding potential for research and innovation in the field of graphene and layered materials.

Yuri Svirko
Partnering division leader from the University of Eastern Finland

Division Leadership

Leader: Yuri Svirko, University of Eastern Finland, Finland 
Deputy: Jan Erik Hanssen, Graphitene Ltd., UK

Latest Articles

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Setting standards for new materials

Thurid Gspann, chair of the Graphene Flagship Standardisation Committee (GFSC), explains why standardisation is important.

By Graphene Flagship / 08 January 2021
Green ferns, graphene composites can contribute to a greener future
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Composites for a greener future

Ali Shaygan Nia, Business Developer at the Graphene Flagship, sets out his vision for graphene-enabled composites.

By Graphene Flagship / 22 December 2020
Meet our multidisciplinary team of marketing, communications and events experts.
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Deep Dive: Meet the Graphene Flagship dissemination team

Meet our multidisciplinary team of marketing, communications and events experts. From left to right: Sofia Järbur, Rebecca Waters, Elena Novoselova, Luciana Löberg, Tom Foley and Fernando Gomollón-Bel. Not pictured: Melanie Lawson, Letizia Diamante and Vincenzo Palermo. Image credit: Vesa Laitinen

By Graphene Flagship / 10 December 2020
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