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Programme highlights for students

The Graphene Flagship is committed to developing the next generation of graphene and 2D materials experts. At Graphene Week 2023, students will not only be invited to share their work in our poster sessions, but we will also offer one-on-one career coaching, a diversity session on wellness in the lab and workplace and a chance to chat with successful entrepreneurs who created start-up companies in the Graphene Flagship ecosystem.

Deborah Rupert career coach

Career Coaching

Our Diversity in Graphene initiative will provide early career researchers with the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a career coach. Get help clarifying your career, from navigating your current role to stepping into your next one using mindset shifts, hands-on tools and job search techniques adapted to highly educated professionals. 

Registered attendees will receive information on how to book a 25 minute session with Déborah Rupert.

Diversity in Graphene @ Graphene Week 2023
cosy exchange of ideas, join our Graphene Startup Stories at Graphene Week 2023

Graphene Startup Stories

Join us Tuesday, 5 September from 14:00 to 14:30 for an exciting event where young researchers have a unique opportunity to engage in inspiring conversations with the founders of cutting-edge startups from the Graphene Flagship initiative. The event, aptly named "Graphene Startup Stories," combines the Swedish tradition of fika (coffee-break) with a platform for knowledge exchange and networking.

During this cosy and informal gathering, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and gain valuable insights into the world of graphene startups. Whether you're interested in entrepreneurship, scientific advancements or simply want to learn from experienced founders, this event offers a platform to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your knowledge in an engaging and enjoyable setting.

Note: No prior registration is needed, but due to limited capacity, participation will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Come early to secure your space!

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Scientific Programme

Online Programme

This multidisciplinary event will gather the latest research on graphene and related materials, as well as the latest applications and innovations. Explore the full programme with plenary, parallel and poster session abstracts. 

Online Programme

Poster Sessions

We are committed to the development of students and early-career researchers in the field of graphene and layered materials. Graphene Week 2023 has offered 100+ student grants, to maximise accessibility and participation of our younger audiences.

Plenary and Parallel Sessions

Come learn from international experts on graphene and 2D materials at Graphene Week 2023. See our list of keynote and invited speakers.

Graphene Week 2023 Speakers

Fringe Sessions

Open Forum

The Graphene Flagship Open Forum at Graphene Week provides an insight into the project's progress. This year’s Open Forum panel discussion will be titled “From Wonder to Action” and will focus on the Graphene Flagship journey in the past, present and future. Panelists will share their personal journeys inside the project and reflect on the next steps for graphene research and innovation in Europe.

Open Forum Programme

Diversity in Graphene

The Diversity in Graphene session on Tuesday, 5 September will feature talks about the key elements of a healthy work culture. Déborah Rupert will present the key elements of a healthy work culture and how we can support ourselves and each other to thrive and prevent burnout. Eva Ranehill will present her research findings encompassing two pivotal topics: female leadership and the impact of PhD studies on mental health care uptake. 

Diversity in Graphene Programme

Horizon Europe, Future Opportunities

Want to learn more about what the future holds for 2D materials research and innovation in Europe? This session will look at the future of the Graphene Flagship initiative and the European landscape for 2DM research and innovation. How does the Horizon Europe funding mechanism look for 2D materials research and innovation? What will the Partnerships mean to the graphene funding ecosystem? How will the project look as it sails on? 

Horizon Europe Programme

Success Stories from the Partnering Division

The Graphene Flagship's success stems not just from its partners, but also from the collaborations with organisations and projects beyond the Graphene Flagship. This session highlights success stories from Graphene Flagship Partnering Projects and Associated Members.

Partnering Division Programme

EU-UAE International Workshop

The Graphene Flagship is building a global, collaborative network of graphene researchers and industry partners. The workshop is co-organised by the Graphene Flagship and Khalifa University. This workshop will provide the opportunity for researchers and industry stakeholders in Europe and United Arab Emirates to discuss topics of common interest, share research results with promising application potential and explore possible new collaborations and incubation of joint ventures.

EU-UAE Programme

Textile Workshop

This session brings together a selection of industrial players in the field of 2D flexible materials, to present the special aspects faced in the early stage of industrial innovation for a traditional and conservative market. The speakers share their experience of the integration of electronic functions in several aspects of the textile area from fibres and yarns to fully developed consumer ready style prototypes

Textile Programme