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ILA Berlin

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Berlin, Germany
22-26 June 2022
ILA Berlin
#Pioneering Aerospace
  • Berlin, Germany
  • 22-26 June 2022

ILA Berlin

ILA Berlin, takes place on 22-26 June at the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport, and showcases Aerospace as a key sector in the EU and its strategic importance for Europe’s security, sustainability and competitiveness.

Meet us at ILA Berlin

Join the Graphene Flagship at ILA Berlin, 22-26 June 2022, in Hall 4, stand 131. Visit us to find out how Graphene can shape and enhance the future of aeronautics, and discover the latest graphene-enabled technologies disrupting the aerospace industry.

Together we are #PioneeringAerospace!


Graphene space applications poster

Graphene in Space

The Graphene Flagship is using breakthrough research and disruptive technologies to launch the next phase of space exploration.

Graphene Flagship Aerospace Poster

Graphene for Aerospace Applications

Aeronautics & Space

Graphene's properties make the material ideal for a myriad of applications in aircrafts, aeronautics, and human space exploration.

Discover GICE

GICE: Airbus leads 'Spearhead Project' to produce safer aircrafts

Zero Gravity Graphene

Researchers and students in the Graphene Flagship have conducted two exciting experiments in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) to test the viability of graphene for space applications.

The latest on Aeronautics & Space

It all started with sticky tape
Innovation / Space / Research

It all started with sticky tape

The Graphene Flagship reviews the story of graphene, from the dream and wonder of the very first experiments to impactful products and successful commercial endeavours

By Fernando Gomollón-Bel / 21 December 2021
rocket lifts off to space
Space / Materials / Collaboration

Graphene goes to space

The Graphene Flagship participates in a sounding-rocket launch in collaboration with the European Space Agency to test the printing of graphene devices in space.

By Graphene Flagship / 24 June 2019
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