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The MASER 15 launch (Credit: Jean-Charles Dupin)
Space / Innovation / Aeronautics

Graphene Goes to Space and to the Moon

New rocket and lunar experiments involving graphene are informing space exploration. Applying graphene to the wheels of the Rashid moon rover will reveal whether this super strong material is also ‘Moon-proof’. Meanwhile, testing graphene-inks in a sounding rocket will test their ability to enable 3D printing in space – which could allow astronauts to create tools and materials they need even when far away from Earth.

By Letizia Diamante / 30 November 2022
Airbus A310 Zero Gravity plane
Collaboration / Research / Aeronautics

Graphene in zero G promises success in space

In a successful collaboration between the Graphene Flagship and the European Space Agency, experiments testing graphene for two different space-related applications have shown extremely promising results. Based on these results, the Flagship are continuing to develop graphene devices for use in space.

By Sophia Lloyd / 15 December 2017