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Workshop: Sensors with Graphene

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RISE Electrum, Stockholm, Sweden
23 November 2022
  • RISE Electrum, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 23 November 2022

Sensors with Graphene

Come listen to presentations and participate in discussions in this workshop focusing on graphene in sensors. Those interested, can participate in a lab tour at RISE Kista, including the Electrum cleanroom and Characterisation labs. This is a joint event organised by SIO Grafen, RISE and the Graphene Flagship.

 When: 23 November 2022, 11:00-17:00

 Where: Room "Knuth", RISE Electrum, floor 6, elevator B, Kistagången 16 in Stockholm.


11.00-12.00 Lab tour

12.00-13.00 Lunch at Restaurant Provence

13.00-13.15 Opening (RISE, SIO Grafen, Graphene Flagship)


  • The European 2D-Experimental Pilot Line as a platform for novel sensor concepts
    Gordon Rinke, AMO
  • Vision Enhancement in Adverse Weather: Graphene’s role towards low-cost Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensors.
    Jan-Erik Källhammar, Veoneer
  • Gas sensing with mid-infrared photonics: graphene for integrated Systems-on-Chip
    Floria Ottonello Briano, SenseAir
  • The PhotonHUB Offer – Why and how to apply for PhotonHUB funding? 
    Lennart BM Svensson, PhotonicSweden
  • Pitch presentations

14.45-15.05 Coffee break


  • Integration of 2D-material for semiconductors
    Arne Quellmalz, In2great Materials AB/KTH
  • Graphene based hybrid metasurfaces for mid-IR gas sensors
    Tom Yager, Institute of Solid State Physics
  • Gassenors based on MoS2
    Patrik Bjöörn, Smena Catalysis
  • TBC
    CrayoNano AS

16.25-17.00 Free discussion

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