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2DNEURALVISION, a major step toward optical neuromorphic systems

The project aims to develop the enabling components for a low-power consumption, computer vision system that could be used for adverse weather and low light conditions. These components are a two-dimensional materials (2DM) enhanced wide-spectrum image sensor and optical neural network with enabling 2DM passive and active elements. Additionally, the use of 2DM will make devices smaller in size and with greater functionality compared to what can be achieved with silicon technologies today.

In this context, the scientific achievements of this European project will have enormous societal impacts by enabling disruptive improvements in the automotive, AR/VR, service robotic, and mobile device sectors.


2DNEURALVISION, a wider impact on the European autonomy in strategic areas

The project expects to provide significant advances towards the integration of 2DM technology by developing European competence in semiconductor process technologies with the development of wafer scale BEOL (black end of line) processes for graphene and TMDCs (transition-metal dichalcogenide).

Consequently, it will have a wider impact on “Europe’s open strategic autonomy” by sustaining first-mover advantages in strategic areas including AI, data, robotics, quantum computing and graphene, and by investing early in emerging enabling technologies, reinforcing the European industry leadership across the digital supply chain and robust European industrial and technology presence in all key parts of a greener digital supply chain, from low-power components to advanced systems, future networks, new data technologies and platforms.

Learn more by visiting the 2DNEURALVISION website.  


The 2DNEURALVISION project team

The project consortium is made up of seven partners from four different European countries, coordinated by ICFO (ES), and with the participation of QURV Technologies (ES), BLACK - Black Semiconductor GMBH (DE), UHEI – Heidelberg University (DE), IMEC (BE), Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft (DE), FI Group (PT).

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