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The next generation of sensors and imagers enabled by 2D materials digital integration


EU Funded

Graphene and 2D materials (2DM) have proven superior optoelectronic properties and performance in a plethora of applications with respect to conventional materials. Despite that, specific integration and processing challenges are impeding the industrial uptake of 2DM. In particular, the wafer-scale integration of high-quality and defect free 2DM layers, without disrupting the process-line Si foundries, has not been demonstrated. Next-2Digits will introduce the direct wafer-scale integration of 2DM in PICs using two additive technologies: i) semi dry transfer of Graphene layers for full wafer scale integration and direct die processing and ii) Laser Digital Transfer of pristine 2DM pixels directly on the stack without the need for post-processing. This will enable defect-free interfaces offering high carrier mobility and large bandwidth, paving the way for the next generation of on-chip Photodetectors (PDs) and Modulators which will be validated at TRL5 in three use cases:

1. A miniaturized LiDAR with integrated graphene PD offering high resolution (<0.1mm) and high speed in compact form factor validated in an UAV mapping system.

2. A PIC gas sensor with sensitivity down to 50ppm and miniaturized footprint offering multi-sensing capability validated in a biogas plant leakage sensing system.

3. An on-chip PD receiver offering extended bandwidth (>100nm), high resolution and responsivity >0.5A/W validated in a biomedical OCT imaging system.

The project will foster the incorporation of 2DM in PICs and MEMS foundries, enabling future industrial uptake and significantly shorter time-to-market for 2DM-based devices. Companies will be able to offer PIC-based components with (up to 6x times) lower power consumption, lower size (in orders of magnitude) and more than 50% reduced cost. Widespread adoption of such devices will lead to almost €25M of yearly revenues associated with at least 80 new jobs by 2030 for the partners, as well as environmental and social impacts.

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The 2DNEURALVISION project will carry out leading-edge research in the field of 2DM (two-dimensional materials) for wide-spectrum image sensing and vision systems. Its scientific achievements will aim to drive disruptive improvements in the automotive, AR/VR, service robotic and mobile device sectors, which expect to have a major impact on society.

By Graphene Flagship / 01 December 2023
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