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  • By: Graphene Flagship
  • Graphene Flagship
  • Publishing date: 17 September 2020
  • By: Graphene Flagship
  • Graphene Flagship
  • Publishing date: 17 September 2020

Introducing the Graphene Hub

Connecting research and industry online

The Graphene Flagship is, at its roots, a community. An international community of researchers and innovators that are working on common challenges, enabled and enhanced by close collaboration and communication.

Traditionally, many of the interactions that brought our community together came in the form of conferences, tradeshows and meetings, but now, the events landscape is evolving. Why limit our community to one or two opportunities to connect each year, when we can introduce new opportunities for knowledge transfer, collaboration and networking at regular intervals?

This is the idea behind the Graphene Flagship Dissemination Team's new Graphene Hub: a single portal for a variety of digital and hybrid events, in addition to providing community-building resources. Launched in 2020, the Graphene Hub offers the international graphene and layered materials community the latest technology for digital events with a modern interactive platform.

Say goodbye to standard Zoom meetings, webinars and slideshows. The Graphene Hub will now allow attendees at Graphene Flagship digital events to join discussions about the presentation, submit and vote on audience questions, and chat one-on-one with fellow attendees and speakers. Do you miss mingling during coffee breaks and hallway chats at conferences? The Graphene Hub offers a variety of networking opportunities, from easy one-to-one chats and video calls with digital event attendees to speed networking and break-out room discussions.



By launching the Graphene Hub, the Graphene Flagship's Dissemination team aims to deliver the next generation in digital events.


Graphene For... is a free digital event series that provides insights on specific topic areas within graphene research and innovation. These events are open to the global graphene community making them a fantastic venue for networking and sharing your ideas.



Digital exhibitions will provide the Graphene Flagship's industry partners with the possibility to showcase their work virtually and network with experts, collaborators and investors. A digital product gallery could keep your products in the spotlight 24/7.


Meetings combining a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component are shaping the future Graphene Flagship international conferences, including Graphene Week 2021 (20 – 24 September) in France and Graphene Study 2021 (summer) in Sweden.


Our events portfolio will also include smaller, more interactive virtual workshops, providing attendees the opportunity for group discussions, breakout sessions delving into detailed applications and networking. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops.


A series of innovation webinars are planned for the upcoming year. View past content on the Graphene Flagship Innovation Education and Training Platform. The platform includes webinar videos and presentations by our very own Graphene Flagship experts, in addition to a wealth of learning materials provided by the European Patent Office.



While in-person meetings are important and will never be replaced in our events portfolio, the advantages of virtual events are already impossible to ignore. It’s clear that, even in combination with in-person conferences, the online world offers many benefits that could make the latest ideas in academia accessible and enlightening for all.

  • Sustainability – decrease your carbon footprint
  • Accessibility – attendees can join from anywhere
  • Networking – great way to meet new people 
  • Diversity – granting access to underrepresented groups
  • Work-life balance – more time with your loved ones
  • Economics – attending digital events is cheaper
  • Speakers – easier to unite the best experts around the globe
  • Planning – you can join at the last-minute or attend multiple events in one day
  • Unique opportunity – not just another online meeting

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Graphene Flagship
Graphene Flagship

Bringing together 118 academic and industrial partners in 12 research and innovation projects and 1 coordination and support project, the Graphene Flagship initiative will continue to advance Europe’s strategic autonomy in technologies that rely on graphene and other 2D materials. The initiative, which builds on the previous 10-years of the Graphene Flagship, is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. The 2D-Experimental Pilot Line, addressing the challenges of upscaling 2D material production processes for the semiconductor industry, is another key component of the Graphene Flagship eco-system.